AKG CU 400 Akkuladestation (Европа)

Any wireless microphone system depends on sufficiently charged batteries in all the transmitters. Th..

16 728 р.

AKG RMU 4 X PRO 19 Zoll Rackeinbausatz (Европа)

Professional rack mount kit to mount a wireless receiver into a standard 19” rack, including front m..

3 420 р.

LD Systems WS100 DA Direktionale Antenne (Европа)

Directional antenna to build up big systems.Features:Frequency Range: 500 ~ 900 MHzDelivery without ..

11 131 р.

Line6 P180 V2 Richtpaddelantennen XD-V70 (Европа)

Directional Active Antenna PairPair of directional active antennas with gain adjustment switch and m..

12 934 р.

Line6 P360 V2 (Европа)

Features:Compatible with XD-V75, XD-V70, XD-V55, Relay G90, and XD-AD8 systems..

12 997 р.

Line6 XD V75 TR (Европа)

For vocalists, performers and active spoken word presenters, the XD-V75 family sets new standards fo..

24 812 р.

Mipro AT-90W UHF Sende- und Empfangsrichtantenne ACT Serie (Европа)

The Mipro AT-90W UHF is a transmit and receive directional antenna for the ACT series. The antenna c..

18 593 р.