Разные Аксессуары


ART ProSplit (Европа)

ART ProSplitThe ProSplit provides one direct output and one transformer isolated output from a singl..

3 669 р.

ART S8-3 Way Mikrofon Splitter (Европа)

The S8-3WAY eight channel three way microphone splitter is ideal for live sound, recording and broad..

21 703 р.

Gravity BG VARI-POLE 4 - Tasche f. 4 Gravity Vari-Poles (Европа)

This heavy duty carry bag with 10 mm padding holds and protects four Gravity Vari-Poles® from bumps ..

7 151 р.

K&M 21315 Tragetasche f. 6 Mikrofonstative (Европа)

Sturdy carrying case for 6 microphone stands. Separate internal compartments prevent scratching and ..

3 607 р.

K&M 23750 Mikrofonangel titanfarbig (Европа)

K&M 23750 MICROPHONE »FISHING POLE« Lightweight, adjustable 2-piece aluminum tube used for remote po..

3 669 р.

K&M 23760 Mikrofonangel titanfarbig (Европа)

K&M 23760 MICROPHONE »FISHING POLE« Same as 23750, but with 3-piece tubing.Wt: 0.8 kg, H: 950/3220 m..

5 534 р.

K&M 23770 Mikrofonangel (Европа)

Features:4x extendable tube combination of fiberglassextremely lightCapacity: 0,5 kgThe microphone c..

6 156 р.

K&M 26019 Tragetasche f. 3 Mikrofonstative (Европа)

Sturdy carrying case for 3 microphone stand with round base. Tearproof nylon material, water-resista..

3 669 р.

Neumann MNV 100 sw (Европа)

The MNV 100 auditorium hanger is used to suspend a detached miniature microphone capsule freely from..

7 151 р.

Neumann Verbindungskabel LC 4 (10 m) (Европа)

The LC 4 connects detached capsules KK 1.. with the KM A or KM D output stages.Features:Diameter: 3...

21 703 р.

Oktava MK-012 Swivel Joint silver (Европа)

Features:Swivel joint for 180° capsule rotationto be used with MK-012 preamp and all suitable capsul..

4 913 р.

Rode BoomPole 3m Tonangel (Европа)

The Rode Boompole is a high grade professional boom pole for location recording, machined from high ..

7 151 р.