Стойки для Гитар


Hercules Stands 3-fach-GuitarStander mit AGS (Европа)

Features:easiest height adjustmentAuto Grab System for a secure holdspecial foam for optimum protect..

4 291 р.

Hercules Stands GuitarStander 3-fach HCGS-523B (Европа)

For 3 acoustic / electric Гandтары. Distances are customizable. Each neck support holds 4 Picks. Fea..

3 855 р.

Hercules Stands GuitarStander 5-fach HCGS-525B (Европа)

For 5 acoustic / electric Гandтары. Distances are individually adjustable. Every neck support keeps ..

5 286 р.

K&M 14761 Guitar SpielStander Gracie черный (Европа)

Guitar stand for acoustic guitar playing. 2-way pull-rod combination, chrome-plated finish. Inclinat..

11 753 р.

K&M 17515 Guardian 5-fach GuitarStander transparent (Европа)

The Guardian holds 5 guitars securely, saves space and allows you an easy overview of your guitars. ..

8 644 р.

K&M 17534 Guardian 3+1 4-fach GuitarStander transparent (Европа)

High quality guitar stand for up to one acoustic and three electric guitars. The guardian keeps the ..

7 151 р.

Rockstand RS 20863 B/1 MultiStander 9 Guitar (Европа)

Multiple Guitar Stand for up to 9 Guitars (E- & Bass Guitars) to fold. Features: Multiple Stand for ..

4 291 р.

Rockstand RS 20891 B/2 MultiStander 3 Elektro, 2Akustik (Европа)

This stand is an eye catcher and a space-saving option for storing your electric Гandтары. The stand..

4 291 р.

Stagg GuitarStander f. 3 Akustik / 6 E-Git (Европа)

Features:Universal guitar stand for up to 6 electric or 3 aucustic guitarsWith plush interior cover ..

8 644 р.