Allen & Heath


Allen & Heath AB168 Audiorack (Европа)

AB168 is a portable remote AudioRack for use with the Allen & Heath GLD and Qu series in live and in..

61 563 р.

Allen & Heath GLD 112 (Европа)

GLD-112 is a larger version of the popular GLD-80 mixer, with an extra bank of 8 control strips, inc..

297 057 р.

Allen & Heath GLD AR 2412 (Европа)

Allen & Heath GLD AR 2412GLD-AR2412 is the Main AudioRack for the GLD digital mixing system.AR2412 p..

58 640 р.

Allen & Heath GLD AR 84 (Европа)

Allen & Heath GLD AR 84GLD-AR84 is an Expander AudioRack for the GLD digital mixing system.Each AR84..

37 249 р.

Allen & Heath ME-1 (Европа)

The ME-1 Personal Mixer puts the musician in control of their own monitor mix. Each performer can be..

30 782 р.

Allen & Heath ME-U (Европа)

ME-U is a touring grade, 10 port PoE hub providing power and audio to connect multiple ME-1 personal..

86 997 р.

Allen & Heath QU SB (Европа)

Portable 18 In / 14 Out digital mixer with remote wireless controlQu-SB is an ultra-compact digital ..

55 220 р.

Allen & Heath QU-16 Chrome Digitales Kompaktmischpult (Европа)

Qu-16 takes compact digital mixing to a new level with innovative design and exceptional functionali..

97 568 р.

Allen & Heath QU-24 Chrome Digitales Kompaktmischpult (Европа)

With its responsive touchscreen, 25 motor faders and acclaimed AnalogiQTM recallable preamps, Qu-24 ..

124 245 р.

Allen & Heath QU-PAC (Европа)

Qu-Pac takes the power and legendary quality of the Qu family and shrinks it into an uber-compact de..

81 400 р.

Allen & Heath WZ4 14:4:2 MixWizard (Европа)

Designed as a uniquely versatile live sound mixer, WZ4 14:4:2 is equally at home at Front of House, ..

78 788 р.

Allen & Heath WZ4 16:2 MixWizard (Европа)

With its simplicity, quality and plentiful inputs, WZ4 16:2 will be loved by seasoned engineers and ..

75 928 р.

Allen & Heath Xone 23 (Европа)

High Performance 2+2 Channel DJ MixerXone:23 is a 2+2 channel DJ mixer packed with pro features that..

15 733 р.

Allen & Heath Xone 23C (Европа)

The Xone:23C brings together the best of digital DJing and conventional mixing in a compact accessib..

21 516 р.

Allen & Heath Xone 43 (Европа)

Created for DJs and electronic music purists, Xone:43 is a 4+1 channel DJ mixer that offers the very..

37 187 р.