RME ADI 8 QS (Европа)

RME's ADI-8 QS is an 8-channel high-end AD/DA converter with unrivalled features. The device combine..

161 618 р.

RME ADI-2 (Европа)

The ADI-2 is a both compact and extremely flexible 2-channel Hi-End AD/DA-converter. The small 9.5 u..

37 249 р.

RME Babyface Pro (Европа)

Features:12 Input and 12 Output channels4 x Analog Inputs (Mic, Line, Instrument)4 x Analog Outputs ..

42 845 р.

RME FireFace 802 (Европа)

The Fireface 802 is a highly integrated pro audio solution, a full-blown studio, all within a 19” en..

89 795 р.

RME FireFace UC (Европа)

The compact Fireface UC has been uncompromisingly optimized for highest performance under Windows an..

55 904 р.

RME FireFace UCX (Европа)

The Fireface UCX is a highly integrated pro audio solution in an ultra-compact format for studio and..

72 694 р.

RME HDSP 9632 (Европа)

RME presents the world's most versatile PCI Audio Interface - the Hammerfall DSP 9632. This card mak..

24 812 р.

RME HDSPe AIO (Европа)

With the HDSPe AIO, RME presents the probably most versatile PCI Express interface card in the world..

36 005 р.