American DJ EZ Kling Interface (Европа)

Features:RJ45 to DMX and RJ45 to Kling-Net interfaceAllows users to pixel map Kling-Net and DMX comp..

4 913 р.

ENTTEC DMX USB Pro Interface (Европа)

Born from the Open DMX USB interface the PRO version is the ultimate USB DMX adapter for all compute..

9 017 р.

ENTTEC DMX USB Pro Interface MK2 (Европа)

The new Enttec DMX USB Pro2 interface comes in a compact slim design and aluminum-milled housing. It..

11 753 р.

ILDA Kabel 50m (Европа)

Features:LDA connection cable in different lengths, 25-pin D-Sub connector fully occupied.To control..

6 778 р.

Involight DMX REC DMX-Recorder (Европа)

The Involight DMX REC DMX-Recorder is a DMX recorder in 19" format. The DMX-Recorder can record 512 ..

9 887 р.

Monacor 512-Kanal-DMX-Testgerat (Европа)

Soundcheck 02/2007:Features:For testing signals of DMX control units like DMX mixers (DMX-IN-MODE)Fo..

15 235 р.