Кейсы для Concert Guitars


Gewa Economy Koffer f. KonzertGuitar flach (Европа)

Features:GEWA Brass logo platewood corestable, flat capsewn all aroundChrome-plated locks3 lid hinge..

5 534 р.

Gewa Koffer f. KonzertGuitar gewulbt (Европа)

Features:Wooden shell, sturdy, arched lid, stitched all roundChrome plated locks, 3 lid hingesScrew-..

5 534 р.

Gewa KonzertGuitar-Etui Masterpieces De Luxe (Европа)

The Gewa Masterpieces DeLuxe guitar case is a real high-quality product and a very popular model in ..

36 627 р.

Gewa Premium ABS Case f. KonzertGuitar (Европа)

Features:American design, Heavy duty ABS-shellContinuous aluminium profile, chrome plated locks with..

4 913 р.

Gewa-Pure FX Holzkoffer KonzertGuitar (Европа)

Features:Wooden case with leatherette upholsteryFlat cap, stable 5 mm wood core15 mm thick, solid in..

4 291 р.