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Apart Audio Champ 2 Two (Европа)

Features:Dynamic program power, both channels driven Bridge-mono operation 8 ohm : 750 W2 channel mo..

29 600 р.

Apart Audio Champ 4 (Европа)

Features:Input impedance / sensitivity unbalanced (RCA) / 4 ohm 10 Kohm / 1 V 0dBVFrequency response..

34 139 р.

Apart Audio Concept1 (Европа)

For a long time, installers worldwide have been looking for a professional integrated amplifier for ..

24 128 р.

Apart Audio Concept1T (Европа)

Features:RMS Program Power, both channels driven : 2 x 60 W / 100 Vnote: power output controlled by ..

29 600 р.

Apart Audio MA 65 (Европа)

The APart MA65 is probably the most complete and compact 65 watt 100 Volt mixing desktop amplifier.T..

20 708 р.

Apart Audio MA125 (Европа)

Features:Input : MIC1 (Front / Rear) : Bal. 1/4”Jack / Bal XLR, DIN5 (1.5mV), Euroblock. 14V phantom..

29 103 р.

Apart Audio MA247 (Европа)

Something of a legend already, this 240 Watts, 6-zone 100V amplifier has been improved with 24V dedi..

70 207 р.

Apart Audio MA247 MR (Европа)

Less is more. As the CD is losing more and more ground, there is no more CD-player in the MA247MR. N..

91 661 р.

Apart Audio PA 240P (Европа)

The PA240P is a fully equipped 240 watts constant voltage power amplifier that will meet all of your..

36 005 р.

Apart Audio PM1122 (Европа)


34 761 р.

Apart Audio REVAMP 4120T 100V Verstarker (Европа)

REVAMP4120T is a professional 4-channel digital power amplifier with 4 x 120 watts output power @ 10..

70 082 р.

Apart Audio REVAMP 4240T 100V Verstarker (Европа)

REVAMP4240T is a professional 4-channel digital power amplifier with 4 x 240 watt output power @ 100..

90 355 р.

ART SDA1 (Европа)

Applied Research & Technology (ART) introduces the extremely efficient Class-D SDA1 Studio Digital A..

32 274 р.

ART SLA-1 Endstufe 1HE (Европа)

Product: ART SLA1 Studio Power AmplilfierStudio Linear Amplifier The SLA-1 Studio Linear Amplifier i..

18 345 р.