Разные PA Аксессуары


Dateq SPL-D2 (Европа)

Dateq SPL-D2The SPL-D2 is a sound-level display unit. This unit can be used as a stand-alone device,..

43 467 р.

Furman PL-8 C E (Европа)

Features:Maximum Output Current: 10 ampsLine Cord: 3/1.0MM AWG, 2.5M cord w/IEC female to 10A Schuko..

20 521 р.

Monacor RF-Explorer/3 HF-Spektrum-Analyser (Европа)

The RF spectrum analyser offers a frequency range of 15-2,700 MHz and comes in a compact aluminum ho..

19 837 р.

Nowsonic Stage Router (Европа)

The Nowsonic Stage Router is a WLAN router that let WLAN digital consoles, PA boxes, tablets or smar..

16 728 р.

NTI XL 2 Digital I/O BOX (Европа)

The XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer controls the external SPL Stack Light via the Digital I/O Adapte..

40 980 р.

NTI XL 2 Schallpegelampel (Европа)

The Stack Light displays sound levels near the limit in orange and levels exceeding the limits in re..

22 946 р.

NTI XL 2 вкл. M4260 (Европа)

The NTI Audio XL 2 / M4260 set is a professional solution for controlling volume pitches and your au..

121 198 р.

Showtec PSA-125 Powerdistributor (Европа)

This product can only be used indoor and operated by classified personal. Features:Powerdistributor ..

77 669 р.

Tascam LA-40 MKIII (Европа)

The Tascam LA-40 MKIII has been primarily designed to provide matching capabilities between professi..

24 812 р.