DI Boxes


ART Cleanbox Pro (Европа)

The CLEANBoxPro provides two channels of unbalanced to balanced level conversion and two channels of..

4 291 р.

ART DTI DI Box (Европа)

ART DTIThe DTI (Dual Transformer/Isolater) is a high quality totally passive audio interface that us..

3 358 р.


Features:Dual ?-inch TRS and XLR balanced line level inputsTransformer isolated XLR balanced microph..

4 602 р.

ART Dual X Direct (Европа)

Features:Fully active designPhantom voltage or 9V battery poweredConverts high-impedance balanced / ..

3 420 р.

ART T8 Umwandler DI (Европа)

Product DescriptionThe T8 (Transformer Eight) is a totally passive audio interface that uses 8 trans..

13 618 р.

ARX USB DI (Европа)

ARX USB DIn response to many requests from users of our original USB DI who have been using it for s..

15 484 р.

Avalon U5 Mono (Европа)

mono instruments - DI preampFeatures:Features:100% Class A Technology6 Band EQ2HUlow noise instrumen..

43 467 р.

BSS Audio AR 133 (Европа)

BSS AR 133 With added functionality and enhanced audio performance, the AR-133 has been designed to ..

6 156 р.

EBTECH Hum Elminator 2 channel Box (Европа)

Do you hear a hum or buzz in your audio signal? Are long unbalanced lines across stage creating nois..

4 975 р.

IMG Stage Line LSP-102 (Европа)

2-channel 3-way line splitter, (2 inputs/6 outputs), e.g. for connecting one mixer to several amplif..

4 664 р.

Palmer PAN 03 Aktiv 4fach DI-Box 19 Zoll (Европа)

Active 4 x DI box 19Active 4 x DI box, 19 format. Technical specitications identicl to the PAN-02, h..

15 484 р.

Palmer PAN 04 A DI-Box 2-Kanal Aktiv (Европа)

The Palmer PAN04A 2-channel DI box allows you to feed the unbalanced hi-Z signals of electric instru..

8 644 р.