Стейдж-мониторы активные


ALTO Tourmax SXM 112 A (Европа)

Road ReadyBuilt to take a beating night after night, week after week, the SXM112A's cabinet is made ..

21 081 р.

dB Technologies Flexsys FM 10 (Европа)

The FM 10 renders vocals with such remarkable power, dynamics, and precision that it can serve as a ..

23 941 р.

dB Technologies Flexsys FM 12 (Европа)

The FM 12 is the first choice for demanding musicians and DJs who work in loud environments. Featuri..

31 030 р.

dB Technologies Flexsys FM 8 (Европа)

Designed for small stages, the FM 8 sports an 8“ woofer that makes it the ideal ultra compact monito..

21 703 р.

Dynacord AXM 12A (Европа)

“The key to a good performance on stage is a good monitor“No matter used as a small full range main ..

58 392 р.

JBL PRX 812 W (Европа)

The JBL PRX812W is a very light front and monitor loudspeaker with only 19.4 kg. The integrated bi-a..

45 457 р.

Nowsonic Stagetrip 10 (Европа)

Active, coaxial 2-way speakers with a very good radiation response and built-in bi-amping power ampl..

18 593 р.

Nowsonic Stagetrip 12 (Европа)

The Nowsonic Stagetrip 12 is an active mono speaker offering considerably better directivity thanks ..

21 703 р.

Roland PM-100 Personal Monitor Amplifier (Европа)

Delivering rich, dynamic sound from a minimal footprint, the PM-100 is the ideal compact monitoring ..

19 277 р.