Cameo WOOKIE 400 RGB (Европа)

Projecting animations with red, green and blue color mixes the WOOKIE 400 RGB delivers an output of ..

13 618 р.

JB Systems Smooth Scan-3 Laser (Европа)

JBSystems Smooth Scan-3 Laser is an eye-catching blue laser using high quality 15kHz scanners instea..

12 997 р.

Laserworld Laser CS-1000 RGB MKII (Европа)

The Laserworld CS-1000 MKII is an RGB lasersytem with a minimum performance of 800mW and an overall ..

25 807 р.

Laserworld Laser EL-500RGB KeyTEX (Европа)

RGB text projection laser system, with keyboard and infrared remote control - no additional software..

21 703 р.