American DJ Sweeper Beam Quad LED (Европа)

The ADJ Sweeper Beam Quad LED creates exciting lighting effects with it’s quick sweeping beams and i..

19 588 р.

Cameo PIXBAR DTW PRO 12 x 10 W (Европа)

Featuring twelve 10 watt 3-in-1 cool white, warm white and amber Tri-LEDs, the Cameo PIXBAR DTW PRO ..

27 672 р.

Cameo TRIBAR 200 IR - 12 x 3 W TRI LED (Европа)

The Cameo TriBar 200 IR is equipped with 12 ultra-bright 3 watt tri-LEDs and operate very quietly ow..

9 514 р.

Cameo TRIBAR 400 IR - 24 x 3 W TRI LED Bar (Европа)

Featuring 24 ultra bright 3W Tri-LEDs, convection cooling for noiseless operation and 5 DMX modes th..

10 882 р.

EUROLITE LED Bar 2 RGBA 252/10 sw 40° (Европа)

Comfortable Addressing via control panel with LCD display with 4-button operation Features: Functio..

9 266 р.

EUROLITE LED Bar RGB 126/10 черный 40° (Европа)

Handy LED bar offers a variety of design options Features: Features: Functions in stand alone mode ..

4 602 р.

Involight LED BAR 308 (Европа)

LED lightning of its best side offers the new LED Bar 308 by Involight. It comes with a noble, black..

7 400 р.