Освещение Системы и Sets


Cameo MULTI FX BAR (Европа)

Featuring 5 amazing pre-mounted fixtures, the Cameo Multi FX Bar is the favorable all-in-one solutio..

27 921 р.

Cameo Multi PAR 1 Kompakte 432 x 10 mm LED Lichtanlage (Европа)

Cameo Multi PAR - Kompakte 432 x 10 mm LED Lighting SetThe four compact flat cans mounted on a bar w..

12 375 р.

Cameo Multi PAR 2 Kompakte 28x3 W Tri Colour LED Lichtanlage (Европа)

Four compact flat cans mounted on a bar with an integrated controller - so the CLMPAR2 is the optima..

21 703 р.

Cameo Multi PAR 3 Kompaktes 28x8 W QUAD Colour LED Set (Европа)

Features:4 x 7 8 Watt QUAD LED DMX 512, Master/Slave or Standalone incl. CaseDMX Input: XLR 3-pol, D..

30 968 р.

Cameo Multi PAR COB 1 Set (Европа)

The Cameo CLMPARCOB1 is a compact and lightweight professional lighting system using modern chip-on-..

21 765 р.

EUROLITE Kompakt-Lichtset LED KLS-200 RGB DMX вкл. Case (Европа)

Features: Via DMX, each spot can be controlled individually Compact size and easy to transport opt..

14 240 р.

EUROLITE LED KLS Laser Bar PRO FX-Light Set (Европа)

The 4-in-1 DMX light effect bar with laser, 2 rotating LED derbies, 2 LED spots and white strobe LED..

23 692 р.

EUROLITE LED KLS-801 TCL DMX incl. Case (Европа)

Complete lighting system consisting of four super-slim LED spotlights and a crossbar with integrated..

21 640 р.

Involight MLS FX LED Lichtanlage (Европа)

The Involight MLS FX LED lighting system is a completely pre-assembled all-in-one lighting system th..

20 832 р.