Lighting Controller Software


American DJ myDmx Buddy (Европа)

Features:Multi platform software/hardware system (Windows and OSX Mac compatible) Easy-to-use DMX so..

3 731 р.

Daslight D PAD 128 Set mit Netzteil (Европа)

Daslight DVC2 PADDaslight creates professional software to control devices via DMX interface. The so..

17 847 р.

Daslight D PAD 512 (Европа)

The DPAD 512 offers a solution for the taller US gang boxes. It provides the value for money of the ..

23 817 р.

Daslight D PAD GOLD (Европа)

The DPAD Gold is Daslight's top of the range controller. With the included color display and the sty..

45 892 р.

Daslight DVC FUN (Европа)

Daslight Virtual controller DVC FUNFeatures:Mini USB-DMX interface1DMX OUT universe (128 channels)12..

8 022 р.

Daslight DVC4 Gold (Европа)

Daslight DVC4 Gold, compatible to DVC4 software.Features:Delivery includes Interface DVC4 Gold Inter..

21 703 р.

Daslight DVC4 Gold ZM (Европа)

Daslight DVC4 Gold is compatible to the Daslight4 software.Features:Channels: 3072 (1536 via DMX 3-/..

34 761 р.

ENTTEC DMXIS DMX-Software (Европа)

Special lighting control software developed to support the performance of musicians and solo enterta..

15 484 р.

EUROLITE Pro Control DMX-Software 1024 (Европа)

Features:2 x software incl. USB interface (Pro Control + LED PC-Control)Popular lighting control sof..

15 484 р.

IMG Stage Line DMX-1USB DMX-Controller (Европа)

The IMG Stage Line DMX-1USB DMX Controller is a compact DMX controller with SMD microprocessor for s..

3 669 р.

IMG Stage Line DMX-510USB DMX-Controller (Европа)

The IMG Stage Line DMX-510USB DMX Controller has an easy-to-use graphical user interface. The scope ..

7 400 р.

Laserworld Showeditor MKII (Европа)

Laserworld Showeditor Set consists of the Laserworld Showeditor MKII and the Laserworld ShowNET netw..

13 992 р.

Pioneer RB-DMX1 DMX Converter (Европа)

Perform intuitive light patterns designed in rekordbox dj on all compatible DMX512 units via our spe..

24 812 р.