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American DJ EZ Kling Interface (Европа)

Features:RJ45 to DMX and RJ45 to Kling-Net interfaceAllows users to pixel map Kling-Net and DMX comp..

4 913 р.

American DJ myDmx Buddy (Европа)

Features:Multi platform software/hardware system (Windows and OSX Mac compatible) Easy-to-use DMX so..

3 731 р.

American DJ WiFly LED Controller RGBW8C (Европа)

The WiFLY RGBW8C is a 64-channel RGB, RGBW, RGBA LED wireless DMX controller. It was designed to con..

5 472 р.

American DJ WiFly NE1 (Европа)

American DJ WiFly NE1b DMX ControllerFeatures432 channel DMX Controller with ADJ’s WiFLY Transceiver..

11 753 р.

Botex DC-2448 Light Operator (Европа)

The DC2448 is suitable for DMX light systems with a maximum of 48 channels. Sound to light operates ..

16 106 р.

Botex Dimmerpack DPX 620 III Schuko (Европа)

DimmerFeatures:6 channelsDMX51212 Chasermanual control16A per channel96A in total6 x Schuko..

27 610 р.

Botex Dimmerpack DPX 620 III Klemmleiste (Европа)

DMX-512 input by 3 pin XLR male x 1 & 3 pin XLR female x 1 Can be changed to same channel or 6 ch. o..

23 568 р.

Botex DMX Controller SDC 16 (Европа)

DMX ControllerFeatures:16x individual channel fader & 1x master fader16 DMX channelsDMX output: 3-pi..

6 156 р.

Botex DMX LED Commander (Европа)

The LED Commander is an individual control unit. It allows to control for example the RGB, cool whit..

12 250 р.

Botex DSP-405 Switchpack (Европа)

4 channel DMX switch pack. It is equipped with 17 built-in programs, which can be recalled by dmx. I..

6 156 р.

Botex MPX-405 (Европа)

4 channel DMX / MIDI dimmer pack. It is equipped with 16 built-in programs and can control and dim u..

7 400 р.

Botex T-4 Digitales T-Bar (Европа)

Botex Bar-T-Cue T-4Features:Functions :4 channel DMX chaser (only used in link up) / optional DMX di..

12 313 р.

Cameo Control 54 DMX Controller (Европа)

The Control 54 is a compact DMX lighting desk that handles up to 9 fixtures or fixture groups. Provi..

4 664 р.

Cameo iDMX CORE WiFi und W-DMX Converter (Европа)

Wireless lighting control at your fingertips using iOS and android devices with the iDMX® CORE WiFi ..

23 630 р.