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American DJ WiFly NE1 (Европа)

American DJ WiFly NE1b DMX ControllerFeatures432 channel DMX Controller with ADJ’s WiFLY Transceiver..

11 753 р.

Botex DC-2448 Light Operator (Европа)

The DC2448 is suitable for DMX light systems with a maximum of 48 channels. Sound to light operates ..

16 106 р.

Botex Dimmerpack DPX 620 III Schuko (Европа)

DimmerFeatures:6 channelsDMX51212 Chasermanual control16A per channel96A in total6 x Schuko..

27 610 р.

Botex Dimmerpack DPX 620 III Klemmleiste (Европа)

DMX-512 input by 3 pin XLR male x 1 & 3 pin XLR female x 1 Can be changed to same channel or 6 ch. o..

23 568 р.

Botex DMX LED Commander (Европа)

The LED Commander is an individual control unit. It allows to control for example the RGB, cool whit..

12 250 р.

Botex T-4 Digitales T-Bar (Европа)

Botex Bar-T-Cue T-4Features:Functions :4 channel DMX chaser (only used in link up) / optional DMX di..

12 313 р.

Cameo iDMX CORE WiFi und W-DMX Converter (Европа)

Wireless lighting control at your fingertips using iOS and android devices with the iDMX® CORE WiFi ..

23 630 р.

Daslight D PAD 128 Set mit Netzteil (Европа)

Daslight DVC2 PADDaslight creates professional software to control devices via DMX interface. The so..

17 847 р.

Daslight D PAD 512 (Европа)

The DPAD 512 offers a solution for the taller US gang boxes. It provides the value for money of the ..

23 817 р.

Daslight D PAD GOLD (Европа)

The DPAD Gold is Daslight's top of the range controller. With the included color display and the sty..

45 892 р.

Daslight DVC4 Gold (Европа)

Daslight DVC4 Gold, compatible to DVC4 software.Features:Delivery includes Interface DVC4 Gold Inter..

21 703 р.

Daslight DVC4 Gold ZM (Европа)

Daslight DVC4 Gold is compatible to the Daslight4 software.Features:Channels: 3072 (1536 via DMX 3-/..

34 761 р.