Кейсы для звукового оборудования


Monacor MR-102 Flight Case (Европа)

Features:Units can be inserted from both sides (double door system)Scratch-proof and shock-proof bla..

7 462 р.

Transport-Case Spiegelkugel 30 cm (Европа)

Transportcase for mirror ball 30cmSimplify your transport!The simple function of cases is to protect..

4 042 р.

Transport-Case Spiegelkugel 50 cm (Европа)

Transportcase for mirror ball 50cmSimplify your transport!The simple function of cases is to protect..

11 131 р.

Transportcase 4x SLS-7 (Европа)

Flightcase fur 4x SLS-7Features:Features:Compartments for four SLS spotsSuitable for 51915360 EUROLI..

9 017 р.

Universal-Dokumenten-Case Hangeregister черный (Европа)

For good measure!Thinking of cases and especially of their interior, it is normally instruments, eff..

4 353 р.

Universal-Koffer-Case Tour Pro черный (Европа)

Universal-case Tour Pro blackFeatures:High-quality workmanship with 7-mm-woodSeveral layers of wood ..

4 353 р.

Universal-Koffer-Case, Trennwande черный (Европа)

Universal-Devidercase blackHighest protection when on-tourFeatures:With additional dividersSeveral l..

5 534 р.

Universal-Transport-Case, heavy, 60x40 cm (Европа)

Universal transportcase heavy 60cm x 40cmExtra rugged transport caseFeatures:High-quality workmanshi..

8 644 р.

Universal-Transport-Case, heavy, 80x60 cm (Европа)

Universal transportcase heavy 80cm x 60cmExtra rugged transport caseFeatures:High-quality workmanshi..

12 375 р.