Активные студийные мониторы


ADAM Audio A3X (Европа)

The smallest big sound ever...With the A3X, ADAM Audio present their smallest monitor to date, makin..

16 106 р.

ADAM Audio A5X (Европа)

ADAM Audio A5XThe original A5The small A5 managed to make itself a big name in both professional env..

24 190 р.

ADAM Audio A77X (a) Links (Европа)

ADAM Audio A77XA revolutionary formula: 2 x 7 = 77In some set-ups it can be advisable to use a horiz..

54 039 р.

ADAM Audio A77X (b) Rechts (Европа)

The A77X is a horizontally designed monitor that combines all of the technical innovations in the AX..

54 039 р.

ADAM Audio A7X (Европа)

ADAMs A7 & A7X: the evolution of a legendThe predecessor to the A7X, the A7, became the most famous ..

34 139 р.

ADAM Audio A8X (Европа)

The most powerful AX monitorWith its power and radiation characteristics, the brand new A8X is suita..

43 156 р.

ADAM Audio T5V (Европа)

ADAM Audio T5V ? 5 inch TT ? FQ 45 Hz- 25 kHz ? HT 20 W RMS ? TT 50 W RMS ? Max. dB Pair 106 ?The AD..

10 509 р.

ADAM Audio T7V (Европа)

ADAM Audio T7V ? Active near field monitor ? 7 inch TT ? FQ 39 Hz- 25 kHz ? HT 20 W RMS ? TT 50 W RM..

12 375 р.

EVE Audio SC 204 (Европа)

EVE Audio SC 204The SC204 has a 4 SilverCone chassis with stable honeycomb structure, with a 1" oper..

17 971 р.

EVE Audio SC 205 (Европа)

Second in line in our Студandйные монandторы is the SC205. Like the name implies, it's a SilverCone ..

18 593 р.

EVE Audio SC 207 (Европа)

EVE Audio SC 207The SC207 can handle because of their size a wide spectrum in terms of low frequenci..

27 299 р.

EVE Audio SC 208 (Европа)

2-Way 8 Active MonitorDo you need to hear a tight and full frequency bass in your mixes but don't wa..

42 845 р.

Focal Alpha 50 (Европа)

Alpha 50, the most compact of the line, is perfectly adapted for confined spaces.The ALPHA 50 is com..

16 106 р.

Focal Alpha 65 (Европа)

The Focal Alpha 65 studio monitor fits perfectly in any studio or recording environment. It is adapt..

16 479 р.

Focal Alpha 80 (Европа)

Focal Alpha Студandйные монandторы integrate perfectly into you environment. The Montitore is adapte..

22 946 р.