Стойки для Микрофонов


Hercules Stands Mikro-Stativ EZ-Clutch, 3-Bein (Европа)

In addition to the user-friendly 'EZ Clutch height adjustment of this stand is equipped with a retra..

3 855 р.

Hercules Stands Mikro-Stativ Transformer (Европа)

Features:Microphone stand with Quik-N-EZ adapter for mounting the microphone clipQuik-N-EZ one-hand ..

3 296 р.

K&M 20800 MikrofonStander Spezial 3m черный (Европа)

K&M 20800 MICROPHONE STand Adjustable up to 3 m, this sturdy mic stand is designed for special stage..

5 099 р.

K&M 210/2 Mikrofonstativ verchromt (Европа)

The industry standard for a mic stand and boom arm combination. Package consists of the 201A/2 micro..

3 109 р.

K&M 210/9 MikrofonStander verchromt (Европа)

The 210/9 Microphone stand with a chrome-Finish. It's a more compact version of the classic 210/2 an..

3 358 р.

K&M 21021 Overhead MikrofonStander черный (Европа)

K&M 21021 OVERHEAD MICROPHONE STand Especially designed for studios and drummers. Taller and longer ..

4 104 р.

K&M 21080 Mikrofonstativ `Soft-Touch` basaltgrau (Европа)

K&M 210/8 MICROPHONE STand Consists of tubing assembly and extendable boom arm. Zinc die-cast base w..

3 296 р.

K&M 21231 Schwenkarm черный (Европа)

Telescopic boom arm with 3/8 thread. Adjustable counterweight. For use with model 20811 and 21411.Fe..

6 032 р.

K&M 21411 Overhead MikrofonStander (Европа)

K&M 21411 MICROPHONE STand Extremely sturdy overhead mic stand for studio and broadcast applications..

6 156 р.

K&M 23860 Mikrofonarm черный (Европа)

K&M 23860 boom blackFeatures:weight: 1,4 kgarm lengths: 460 mm + 500 mm5 year manufacturer warranty:..

9 887 р.

K&M 252 MikrofonStander черный (Европа)

K&M 252 MICROPHONE STand Three-piece telescoping shaft. Metal, non-marring height-adjustment mechani..

3 482 р.

K&M 25600 Mikrofonstativ (Европа)

K&M25600 MICROPHONE STand High-quality microphone stand with telescopic boom arm. Die-cast base with..

4 291 р.

K&M 25680 Einhand-Mikrofonstativ черный (Европа)

With the unique one-hand adjustment with soft Soft Touch" coating, the tripod can be easily moved up..

3 545 р.

K&M 26200 Einhand-MikrofonStander Elegance (Европа)

A new star in your show! The avant-garde and Single Hand microphone stand set new standards in desig..

5 286 р.