Пауки для микрофонов


Neumann EA 1 (Европа)

Neumann EA 1The EA 1 is designed for the TLM 103, TLM 127, TLM 193 and M 147 Tube microphones. It ha..

15 484 р.

Neumann EA 87 mt (Европа)

Neumann EA 87The EA 87 is designed for the U 87 Ai microphone. It has a swivel mount with a 5/8-27 f..

17 350 р.

Rode SM6 (Европа)

The SM6 is a high quality suspension shock mount that supports many large diaphragm RODE microphones..

3 482 р.

Sennheiser MKS 4 Mikrofonspinne (Европа)

Sennheiser MKS 4 - Shock mountFeatures: metal shock mount open ring to be positioned close to the s..

6 156 р.