Маленькая Диафрагма


AKG C451 B Kondensator-Kleinmembranmikrofon (Европа)

The C451 B is a small-diaphragm condenser microphone with the identical acoustical behavior of its p..

17 971 р.

Audio Technica AT 4021 (Европа)

Ideal for critical studio and live applications, the low-profile AT4021 offers a flat, extended freq..

20 708 р.

Audio Technica AT 4022 (Европа)

The low-profile AT4022 omnidirectional condenser recording mic is outstanding for piano, acoustic gu..

23 568 р.

Audio Technica AT 4051b (Европа)

Ideal for professional recording and critical applications in broadcast, this versatile studio perfo..

32 896 р.

Audix TM 1 (Европа)

The TM1 is a 6 mm pre-polarized condenser microphone used fortest and measurement applications. The ..

16 666 р.

Audix TM 1 Plus (Европа)

High quality Test-/Mess-Mikrofon TM1 in the package including windscreen (WS-TM1), shock mount (SMT-..

26 055 р.

Beyerdynamic MC 910 (Европа)

Small diaphragm true condenser microphone (omnidirectional)This true condenser microphone provides a..

24 190 р.

Beyerdynamic MC 930 Stereo Set (Европа)

MC 930 Stereo-SetTrue condenser microphone Cardioid polar pattern for universal applications Very lo..

49 126 р.

Beyerdynamic MC 950 (Европа)

This true condenser microphone provides an enormous versatility due to its neutral sound and accurat..

24 190 р.

Beyerdynamic MM 1 Messmikrofon (Европа)

Beyerdynamic MM 1Measurement MicrophoneElectret condenser measurement microphone with linear frequen..

10 323 р.

MXL 603 SPR (Европа)

Features:Type: CondenserFrequency Range: 30Hz-20kHzPolar Pattern: broad cardioid20mm gold-sputtered,..

12 126 р.

MXL CR21 Pair (Европа)

The MXL CR21 pair of microphones are condenser mics with a wide frequency response for a variety of ..

10 509 р.

Neumann KM 183 (Европа)

Neumann KM 183The Series 180" consists of three compact miniature microphones with patterns that sat..

46 576 р.

Neumann KM 183 Stereo-Set mt (Европа)

Neumann KM 183 Stereo-Set mtThe Series 180" consists of three compact miniature microphones with pat..

86 997 р.