Фантомные адаптеры


AKG SE300B Speiseteil Kapseln CK 91-98 (Европа)

The AKG SE300B CK 91-98 Capsules Feeder is a versatile cardioid capsule. It has a cardioid polar pat..

10 634 р.

ART Phantom II Pro Speiseteil Kondensator Mikrofone (Европа)

The Phantom II Pro is designed to do one thing and do it well. It provides clean, reliable phantom p..

4 229 р.

IMG Stage Line MPA-102 (Европа)

Features:1-channel low-noise microphone preamplifier for mains operation or battery operation.1 micr..

6 840 р.

Palmer Pro PAN 48 (Европа)

Phantom Power UnitPalmer Pan 48 is a unit for the external power supply of phantom powered appliance..

8 022 р.

ROLLS PB-224 (Европа)

Perfect for any condenser microphone, the new PB224 powers even the high-current draw microphones. T..

9 017 р.

ROLLS PB-23 (Европа)

The PB23 is for powering phantom powered microphones with 48VDC. Since the unit uses a 100KHz switch..

5 286 р.

Sennheiser DC 2 Adapter (Европа)

Features:DC power adaptorfor external 12 V DC-powering (instead of two 1.5 V AA size batteries) of S..

4 913 р.

Sennheiser K 6 (Европа)

The K6 powering module is the heart of this Sennheiser professional modular microphone system and ca..

14 862 р.

Sennheiser K 6-Phantom (Европа)

The K6P powering module is at the heart of Sennheiser’s professional modular condenser microphone sy..

11 753 р.

Sennheiser MZA 900 P Speiseadapter (Европа)

The MZA 900 P phantom power adaptor is used to connect pre-polarized condenser microphones with a 3...

11 691 р.