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AKG C 414 XL-II Grotmembran Kondensatormikrofon (Европа)

The C 414 XL II is the successor of the famous C 414 B-TL II. It shows the unique sonic signature of..

49 499 р.

AKG C 414 XLS Grotmembran Kondensatormikrofon (Европа)

AKG’s legendary C 414 needs no introduction – it is a tool found in most recording studios and has b..

41 415 р.

AKG C 414 XLS Stereo-Set Grotmembran Kondensatormikrofon (Европа)

The C414 XLS multipattern condenser microphone offers a choice of nine polar patterns for the perfec..

83 887 р.

AKG C214 (Европа)

AKG C214AKG's industry-leading C 414 microphones are already a permanent fixture in the world's bigg..

17 723 р.

AKG P 120 (Европа)

The P120 is a 2/3-inch diaphragm true condenser microphone that offers solidly built quality, outsta..

4 539 р.

AKG P 220 вкл. Spinne und Koffer (Европа)

The P220 is a large-diaphragm true condenser microphone offering a warm and clear sound for lead voc..

10 323 р.

AKG P 420 (Европа)

The P420 is a multi-pattern large diaphragm true condenser microphone for demanding project studio r..

10 074 р.

AKG P 820 Tube (Европа)

The P820 Tube high-performance multi-pattern tube microphone is an excellent tool for highlighting l..

27 299 р.

Audio Technica AE 3000 (Европа)

The Artist Elite AE3000 delivers supreme performance at extreme SPLs. This high-SPL large diaphragm ..

17 039 р.

Audio Technica AT 2020 (Европа)

Audio-Technica's stringent quality and consistency standards set the AT2020 apart from other mics in..

5 534 р.

Audio Technica AT 2020 USB Plus (Европа)

Equipped with a USB output, the AT2020USB+ is designed for digitally capturing music or any acoustic..

8 457 р.

Audio Technica AT 2035 (Европа)

Designed for critical home/project/professional studio applications and live performance, this side-..

9 576 р.

Audio Technica AT 4040 (Европа)

The AT4040SM side-address condenser microphone features an advanced large diaphragm tensioned specif..

22 076 р.

Audio Technica AT 4050 SM (Европа)

Meet the studio condenser that captures every nuance. With three switchable polar patterns, the larg..

44 462 р.

Audio Technica AT 4080 (Европа)

With the innovative Audio-Technica AT4080 offers the coveted sound of ribbon mics, with the problems..

55 220 р.

Audio Technica Studiomikrofon AT 2050 (Европа)

The versatile AT2050 provides consistent, superior performance in switchable cardioid, omnidirection..

16 106 р.

Audix CX112-B (Европа)

The CX112B, a large diaphragm condenser microphone with acontemporary design and excellent performan..

21 081 р.

Blue Bluebird SL (Европа)

Bluebird SL delivers pristine, highly versatile sound that makes every detail of your performance co..

19 837 р.