Настольные Синтезаторы


Access Virus TI2 Desktop (Европа)

The TI" in Access Virus TI2 Desktop means "total integration and is regarding to the abilities of Ac..

103 351 р.

Analogue Solutions Leipzig-S (Европа)

Analogue Solutions Leipzig-SAnalog desktop Сandнтезатор with integrated step sequencerFeatures:Contr..

60 879 р.

ARP Odyssey Modul Rev3 (Европа)

Since its appearance in 1972, the ARP Odyssey has been loved by countless musicians as a classic ana..

37 746 р.

Arturia MiniBrute 2S (Европа)

The Arturia MiniBrute was a statement. An organic, tangible breath of fresh air, a proud analog monu..

40 358 р.

Behringer DeepMind 12D (Европа)

Features: Type: analog Сandнтезатор 12-voice FX Engines: 4x TC Electronic and Klark Teknik with over..

45 955 р.

Doepfer Dark Energy 2 Сandнтезатор (Европа)

Monophonic stand-alone Сandнтезатор with USB and Midi interfaceDark Energy is a monophonic stand-alo..

24 812 р.

DSI Sequential Prophet 12 Module (Европа)

Don’t let its small size fool you. The Prophet 12 Module boasts the same power and sound as the Prop..

96 697 р.

DSI Sequential REV2 16-Voice Desktop (Европа)

The Prophet Rev2 desktop module is just as powerful and easy to use as its counterpart, the Prophet ..

114 980 р.

Elektron Analog Four MKII (Европа)

Elektron Analog Four MKII - What’s new?Reworked analog circuitry delivering very deep and defined ba..

71 450 р.

Elektron Digitone (Европа)

Digitone is a very special eight voice digital Сandнтезатор. It combines a modernized FM implementat..

43 467 р.

IK Multimedia UNO Synth (Европа)

UNO Synth is IK Multimedia's uncompromising entry into the hardware Сandнтезатор market. At an amazi..

11 131 р.

Ketron SD 2 (Европа)

Small size, Big soundThe Ketron Orchestral Wizard (SD2) is a pocket size sound module designed for a..

18 593 р.