CHD Elektroservis CRX8-M - Roland CR-68 / CR-78 MIDI Interface (Европа)

CHD CRX8-M The CRX8-M retrofit enables your Roland CR-68 or CR-78 drum machine to be integrated into..

11 131 р.

CHD Elektroservis TR808-M - Roland TR-808 MIDI Interface (Европа)

Roland TR-808 MIDI Interface - New version 3.2The TR-808 MIDI retrofit enables your Roland TR-808 to..

11 131 р.

DSI Sequential Mono Evolver PE Kbd Conv Kit (Европа)

Expansion kit for upgrading an Evolver keyboard to the Potentiometer Edition (PE). The PE Penal Boar..

17 350 р.

DSI Sequential Prophet 08 PE Conversion Kit (Европа)

DSI Sequential Prophet 08 PE Conversion KitKit for converting a standard Prophet '08 Keyboard to a P..

18 593 р.

Kurzweil Kore 64 (Европа)

Kurzweil Kore 64The KORE 64 ROM option represents a complete expansion and reimagining of the PC3 an..

11 131 р.