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AKG PW 45 Sport Set Band M (Mittenlucke) (Европа)

The comfortable binaural microphone C 544 L and the very light pocket transmitter PT 45 offer the hi..

12 375 р.

AKG PW 45 Sports Set ISM (Европа)

The Perception Wireless Sports system with its comfortable C 544 L and ultralightweight PT 45 bodypa..

11 753 р.

AKG WMS 420 Headworn Set - Kopie (Европа)

The AKG WMS 470 Presenter SET Band 10 consists of a receiver SR 470, pocket transmitter PT470, neckb..

39 114 р.

ALTO Radius 100H (Европа)

Radius 100H is an easy-to-use UHF diversity wireless microphone system that provides reliable, cryst..

10 509 р.

ANT UNO G8 BHS (Европа)

The ANT The UNO G8 BHS set consists of a 1.8 Ghz receiver, a beltpack transmitter and a headset. Wit..

13 059 р.

LD Systems ECO 16 - Funkmikrofon System mit Belt Pack und Headset (Европа)

Features:UHF frequency range 863 - 865 MHzAvailable as handheld or headsetASC infrared frequency tra..

8 644 р.

LD Systems U508 BPHH - Funkmikrofon System mit Bodypack und Headset (Европа)

The U500® Series vocal sets were developed in Germany to bring you affordable professional technolog..

22 324 р.

Line6 XD V55 HS (Европа)

For vocalists, performers and active spoken word presenters, the XD-V55 family sets new standards fo..

20 148 р.

Line6 XD V55 HS TAN (Европа)

The new XD-V55 family is with its reliability, ease of use and sound quality ideal for singers, perf..

20 210 р.