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AKG C 391 B Kondensatormikrofon (Европа)

Versatile cardioid condenser microphone comprising an AKG SE 300 B powering/output module and AKG CK..

21 081 р.

AKG C 411 PP (Европа)

AKG C 411 PP Weighing only 18 grams (0.6 oz.), this ultra-light condenser pickup is ideal for acoust..

6 965 р.

AKG C 516 ML Kondensator Clip Mikrofon (Европа)

Lightweight cardioid miniature microphone for use on accordions, guitar speakers, piano and keyboard..

6 529 р.

AKG C 519 ML Kondensator Clip Mikrofon (Европа)

The AKG C 519 clips onto the bell of a trumpet, saxophone, trombone, tuba, or any other wind instrum..

8 644 р.

AKG C 520 L Headset Mini - XLR (Европа)

Features.:Headset-Mikrofon , stepless variableMiniatur-goosneck Boomarm 60-20.000 Hz 5 mV/Pa (-46 d..

8 955 р.

AKG C 544 L Headset Mini - XLR (Европа)

The C 544 L is a head-worn miniature condenser microphone with a convenient behind-the-neck headband..

5 659 р.

AKG C 555 L Headset Mini - XLR (Европа)

Features:Headset-Microfon , stepless variableBoomarm 80 - 20.000 Hz35 mV/Pa (-29 dBV) 126 dB/130 dB..

6 032 р.

AKG C-5 Kondensator Vocal Mikrofon (Европа)

This professional condenser vocal microphone will make your voice cut through the loudest mix - on a..

8 146 р.

AKG CGN521 STS (Европа)

The CGN521STS is a heavy duty professional tabletop microphone set with excellent shock absorbing pr..

17 350 р.

AKG CHM 99 B черный (Европа)

The CHM99, part of the 99ers Series, is a hanging microphone module with cardioid polar pattern, use..

8 022 р.

AKG CK 91 Kondensator Mikrofonkapsel (Европа)

AKG CK 91/p>Flat frequency response and a consistent cardioid polar pattern make the CK 91 an ideal ..

11 753 р.

AKG CK 92 (Европа)

The CK 92 offers exceptionally neutral presentation of a source in its ambient sound field, providin..

11 504 р.

AKG CK 93 (Европа)

From the AKG Blue Line of modular microphone capsules, the AKG CK93 is a hyper-cardioid capsule with..

10 136 р.

AKG CK 94 (Европа)

This figure-eight capsule prefers sound arriving from opposite directions and efficiently suppresses..

27 610 р.

AKG CK 97-L (Европа)

The CK 97-C/L is perfectly suited for invisible" miking. A consistent cardioid pattern ensures good ..

8 644 р.

AKG CK 99-L (Европа)

Low-profile, cost efficient clip-on microphone for applications including houses of worship, lecture..

4 664 р.

AKG CKBT Kopfbugelmikrofon, Mini XLR Anschlus, Beige (Европа)

Head-worn microphone with light metal headbandOmnidirectional characteristicsColor: beigeAdjustable ..

5 534 р.

AKG CU 400 Akkuladestation (Европа)

Any wireless microphone system depends on sufficiently charged batteries in all the transmitters. Th..

16 728 р.

AKG D 112 MKII Bass Drum Mikrofon (Европа)

The D112 MkII is a dynamic bass drum microphone, built to a professional standard that features a ne..

6 529 р.