Разные Эффекты


Elektron Analog Heat (Европа)

Play with the 8 different distortion circuits and add analog filters and EQ. Analog Heat brings you..

40 980 р.

Jomox T Resonator MK II (Европа)

The T-Resonator transforms timely events into an analog feedbacked filter network.What comes out of ..

17 350 р.

Mode Machines OMF-1 (Европа)

Rack Mountable Analogue Filter:The Mode Machines OMF-1 contains:A four pole true analogue filter. Th..

37 249 р.

Monacor MDSP-24BAL (Европа)

Features:AD/DA converter, 24 bitsSampling rate: 48 kHz2 balanced inputs via screw terminals (0.9 V/2..

14 240 р.

SPL De-Esser 9629 (Европа)

The SPL Auto-Dynamic De-Esser is a highly specialised audio tool for removing undesired sibilant fre..

36 005 р.

SPL Stereo Vitalizer MK2-T 9739 (Европа)

SPL Stereo Vitalizer MK2tThe Stereo Vitalizer MK2-T is a program equaliser concept which makes use o..

54 039 р.

SPL Transient Designer 4 Modell 9842 (Европа)

The Transient Designer provides a revolutionary concept for dynamic processing rendering controls su..

60 879 р.

T-Rex Replicator Studio Module (Европа)

The Replicator Studio module uses much of the same technology of the ”stompbox” version, but certain..

52 795 р.