Компрессоры и Лимитерыs



Features:VCA-less Design Provides Unrivaled Musical Performance Provides Superior Dynamics Control F..

23 568 р.

ART SCL2 (Европа)

The SC2 is a highly sophisticated and flexible dynamics processor designed for easy operation and gr..

12 002 р.

Dateq SPL 5 Лandмandтеры (Европа)

SPL5The SPL5 is the enhanced version of the SPL3;the audio level is monitored by means of a micropho..

83 887 р.

DBX 1046 (Европа)

The DBX 1046 quadruple compressor offers a peak-stop-plus Лandмandтеры and four independent Компресс..

28 543 р.

Klark Teknik 76-KT (Европа)

The 76-KT is a classic FET compressor with Class-A Line Level Amplifier and MIDAS transformers. It c..

12 375 р.

Klark Teknik KT-2A (Европа)

The Klark Teknik KT-2A is a classic tube compressor with tubes, attenuator and MIDAS transformer. Th..

18 593 р.

ROLLS CL-151 (Европа)

The CL151 GLC is a unique dynamics processor with the added benefit of a microphone preamp. The unit..

10 509 р.

SPL Kultube 2049 (Европа)

The Kultube is an extremely versatile compressor with a broad range of control facilities that cover..

90 106 р.