Компрессоры и Лимитерыs


Alesis 3632 Compressor (Европа)

Intelligent compression and dynamics.The 3632 Compressor is the follow-up to the 3630 Compressor™, t..

9 639 р.


Features:VCA-less Design Provides Unrivaled Musical Performance Provides Superior Dynamics Control F..

23 568 р.

ART SCL2 (Европа)

The SC2 is a highly sophisticated and flexible dynamics processor designed for easy operation and gr..

12 002 р.

Dateq SPL 5 Лandмandтеры (Европа)

SPL5The SPL5 is the enhanced version of the SPL3;the audio level is monitored by means of a micropho..

83 887 р.

DBX 1046 (Европа)

The DBX 1046 quadruple compressor offers a peak-stop-plus Лandмandтеры and four independent Компресс..

28 543 р.

DBX 166XS Compressor (Европа)

The DBX 166 XS is easy to use and is used to compensate for level differences, to sustain extension ..

9 328 р.

DBX 266 XS (Европа)

The DBX 266 XS is a dual channel compressor / Лandмandтеры with expander / gate, offset an easy to u..

7 400 р.

DBX 286 S (Европа)

The DBX 286 S offers two signal inputs, a microphone either XLR or jack input for line-level, both w..

9 639 р.

Klark Teknik 76-KT (Европа)

The 76-KT is a classic FET compressor with Class-A Line Level Amplifier and MIDAS transformers. It c..

12 375 р.

Klark Teknik KT-2A (Европа)

The Klark Teknik KT-2A is a classic tube compressor with tubes, attenuator and MIDAS transformer. Th..

18 593 р.

ROLLS CL-151 (Европа)

The CL151 GLC is a unique dynamics processor with the added benefit of a microphone preamp. The unit..

10 509 р.

ROLLS SL-33b (Европа)

The new SL33 Stereo Program Лandмandтеры provides smooth dynamics processing for professional and co..

9 017 р.

SPL Kultube 2049 (Европа)

The Kultube is an extremely versatile compressor with a broad range of control facilities that cover..

90 106 р.