HiHat Тарелки


Istanbul Mehmet Sultan 14 Zoll Hi-Hat (Европа)

Sultan cymbals are a combination of the Traditional and the Turk Series. The sound has unique brilli..

15 857 р.

Istanbul Mehmet Traditional 13 Zoll Hi-Hat Medium (Европа)

Features:size: 13alloy: B20 Bronzehandhammeredfinish: traditionalsound: clear, precise and punctual ..

14 551 р.

Istanbul Mehmet Traditional 14 Zoll Hi-Hat Medium (Европа)

Features:size: 14alloy: B20 Bronzehandhammeredfinish: traditionalSound: clear, precise and selective..

15 484 р.

Istanbul Mehmet Traditional 14 Zoll Hi-Hat Trio Set (Европа)

Features:size: 14alloy: B20 bronzehand-hammeredfinish: traditionalcombination Light Top - Medium Top..

23 319 р.

Meinl MB8-14 Zoll Medium Hi-Hat (Европа)

Powerful feeling with an exceptionally clear voice. Precise and sharp chick sound for articulate pla..

15 422 р.