ERakkustik Basskiste (Европа)

The Basskiste" (Bass Box) by ERakkustik is the bass drum among the Cajons. It delivers an ultra deep..

24 812 р.

ERakkustik Cajon Typ 1 (Европа)

The Cajon Type 1 has a very appealing and tasteful design. The durable hitting surface delivers a cl..

12 375 р.

ERakkustik Cajon Typ 2 (Европа)

The Cajon Type 2 by ERakkustik has a very appealing design with rounded edges. The durable hitting s..

15 484 р.

ERakkustik Cajon Typ 3 (Европа)

The Cajon Type 3 by ERakkustik has a top design with an ergonomically adapted sitting surface. This ..

21 081 р.

ERakkustik Hausmodell Cajon mit KORN-Logo (Европа)

Our house model by ERakkustik offers sleek and natural design. The stable hitting surface delivers a..

11 131 р.

Klanginitiative Cajon Magister Serie (Европа)

The MAGister Cajon is the first Cajon worldwide with a patented internal two-chambered system.The bu..

11 753 р.

Klanginitiative Cajon PROfession Studio Serie (Европа)

The Cajon PROFESSION is the choice for the ambitious musician.The completely closed Cajon is outfitt..

17 350 р.