Drum Pedals


Drumcraft PD-8.0 Futmaschine (Европа)

Features:Double pillarDouble chainAdjustable spring suspensionTwo-way beaterFix clamp on the sideBas..

4 975 р.

DW 3000 Einzelfutmaschine (Европа)

Features:Aluminium hingeBall bearing spring rockerMemory function for all adjustmentsFix clamp on th..

8 022 р.

DW 5000AD4 Futmaschine (Европа)

Features:Ball bearing hinge deltadouble ball-bearing spring suspensionMemory Function of all setting..

13 556 р.

DW 5000TD4 Futmaschine (Европа)

Ball bearing Delta hingeDouble ball bearing spring suspensionMemory function for all adjustmentsFloo..

13 121 р.

Gibraltar 9611 DD Bassdrum Single Pedal (Европа)

Features:Direct Drive system has a seamless fast responsive feel.Pedal board height adjustment indep..

10 261 р.

Ortega OCJP-GB Cajon-Futmaschine rechts (Европа)

Features:Material: Robust metal base plate and metal pedalSoft foam head / adjustable in lengthFits ..

6 156 р.

PDP SP650 Futmaschine (Европа)

Features:Precision linkage assemblyFix clamp on the sideBase plateTwo way beater felt/plasticChain d..

4 913 р.

Roland RDH-100 Futmaschine (Европа)

The Roland RDH-100 foot pedal is a durable bass drum pedal with Roland Noise Eater technology. The p..

9 266 р.

Sonor Perfect Balance Pedal by Jojo Mayer (Европа)

Features:Low Mass Drive SystemElongated BoardBallistic Fiber StrapSelf Mounting ClampMagnetic Spring..

15 484 р.

TAMA HP50 Classic Pedal (Европа)

While super complex and technical playing can wow audiences, sometimes a simpler and stripped down a..

6 094 р.