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Hercules Stands Sax, Flute, Klarinette (Европа)

The extremely flat running and pivoting legs enable a secure footing, even on narrow stages and orch..

4 664 р.

Hercules Stands Stander Fagott / Bassklarinette (Европа)

Features:For bassoon and bass clarinetweight: 2,27 kgheight: 67 - 101Ma?e eingeklappt: 63 x 15 cm..

3 234 р.

K&M 149/3 MK II SousaphonStander (Европа)

Completely redesigned was the sousaphone stand 149/3. The extremely rugged steel construction gives ..

7 773 р.

K&M 14920 TenorhornStander (Европа)

A tenor or baritone horn is supported safely and securely by this robust support stand. The function..

4 291 р.

K&M 14940 TubaStander (Европа)

Collapsible A stand for German and English tubas. The holders have a plastic coating completely enca..

4 913 р.

K&M 14941 BaritonStander (Европа)

Features:A collapsible stand for all baritone, tenor horn and alto horn modelsThe stirrups are provi..

5 161 р.

K&M 150/1 FagottStander (Европа)

Features:Base diameter: 800 mmHeight: from 700 to 1,200 mmInstrument support: felt-linedLeg construc..

5 286 р.

K&M 15045 MK II Kontrafagott-Stander (Европа)

Sturdy and robust, presented the revised Contra Bassoon Stand. The sturdy metal bracket from the ins..

6 778 р.

K&M 15060 Bassklarinetten-Stander (Европа)

New to the range this solid stand for bass clarinets. The universal mounting bracket to be adjusted ..

7 151 р.

K&M 151/4 WaldhornStander - черный (Европа)

K&M 151/4 FRENCH HORN STand For French horn and French shaped Eb horn. Adjustable side support. Wood..

4 291 р.

K&M 15270 PosaunenStander черный (Европа)

K&M 15270 TROMBONE STand Patented wide base trombone stand. Gradual height-adjustment. Black plastic..

3 855 р.

K&M 50500 Trompeten Workstation (Европа)

The unique work station is an indispensible aid when cleaning, maintaining or repairing your trumpet..

8 395 р.