Hohner Merlin natur G/C (Европа)

The Merlin" enjoys particularly in traditional Gaelic and Breton music special appreciation. Our dia..

73 316 р.

Roland FR-1XB BK Akkordeon (Европа)

V-Accordions have revolutionized the music world, and Roland has dedicated itself to the ongoing dev..

111 871 р.

Weltmeister Akkordeon Achat 72 rot-perloid (Европа)

This instrument is a complete new design which makes it light weightFeatures:34 keys and 72 basses w..

128 039 р.

Weltmeister Akkordeon Opal 96 grun-perloid MT (Европа)

Features:37 discant and 96 bass buttons7 discant and 3 bass register (3-choir)Cylinder-routed discan..

175 859 р.

Weltmeister Akkordeon Perle 26/48/II/3 rotperloid (Европа)

This is the smallest piano keyboard accordion from WeltmeisterFeatures:26 regular sized keys and 48 ..

110 192 р.