Combos with Tubes


Blackstar HT CLUB 40 Combo Blue Limited Edition (Европа)

Blackstar HT-40 Club - Equipped with 2 channels and 4 modes the HT Club 40 is the ideal gigging valv..

41 415 р.

Blackstar HT-5R Combo (Европа)

Features:Vollrohren GuitarcomboLeistung: 5 Watt1xECC83 und 1x12BH7 Rohren2 Kanale, fu?schaltbar12 Bl..

27 921 р.

Blackstar Studio 10 EL34 (Европа)

The Blackstar Studio 10 EL34 is a classic crunch amplifier with integrated EL34 power amp tube and r..

37 249 р.

ENGL E 310 Gigmaster Combo (Европа)

Sometimes big things really do come in small packages. This small-sized amp series offers incredible..

36 378 р.

Fender 65 Princeton Reverb (Европа)

The original was a historically significant amp used on countless hits over the years, and the reiss..

76 052 р.

Fender Blues Junior IV BLK (Европа)

The Blues Junior IV includes a 12” Celestion® A-Type speaker for well-balanced output with smooth hi..

38 741 р.

Fender Blues Junior LTD C12N (Европа)

Stylish vintage tube combo with 15 watt power and a 12 inch Jensen speaker. The Blues Junior LTD pro..

37 249 р.

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe George Benson (Европа)

The Hot Rod Deluxe amp has become the world’s best-selling tube amp. From its introduction on throug..

63 988 р.

Fender Pro Junior III (Европа)

Features:Inputs: OneExtension Speaker Jack: External Speaker JackChannels: One ChannelRectifier: Sol..

29 787 р.

Fender Pro Junior IV LTD (Европа)

A compact and straightforward tone machine, this amp is ideal for performing guitarists who need gre..

33 331 р.