Мульти-Эффекты для Электрогитары


Boss GT-001 (Европа)

The GT-001 packs the acclaimed amps and effects of the flagship GT-100 Version 2.0 in a stylish desk..

14 862 р.

Boss GT-1 Guitar Effects Processor (Европа)

Premium tone for players on the goUltra-portable and easy to use, the GT-1 delivers pro-level tones ..

11 753 р.

Boss GT-100 COSM Amp Effects Processor V2 (Европа)

Version 2.0: Full Power for Stage and StudioWith the new GT-100 Version 2.0 update, BOSS’ flagship m..

24 190 р.

Boss GT-1000 (Европа)

Delivering unmatched sound quality and musical expression, the GT-1000 ushers in a new era of perfor..

55 904 р.

Boss MD-500 Modulation (Европа)

Powered by advanced BOSS technology, the ultra-versatile MD-500 delivers nearly any type of modulati..

24 190 р.

Boss ME-80 Guitar Multiple Effects (Европа)

Mobile, battery powered, and filled with a diverse selection of flagship-quality BOSS amps and effec..

17 971 р.

Boss SY-300 Guitar Сandнтезатор (Европа)

Explore New Dimensions of Sound with Any GuitarGrab your favorite axe and dive into an extraordinary..

40 980 р.

Carl Martin Quattro (Европа)

With classic guitar tone disappearing down the road of digital modeling amps and effects, Carl Marti..

26 677 р.

Electro Harmonix Epitome (Европа)

The quintessence of tone! This powerful digital multi-effect begins with the flawless polyphonic tra..

22 635 р.

Electro Harmonix Soul Pog (Европа)

Combines two sweet pedals—-the Soul Food transparent overdrive and Nano POG polyphonic octave genera..

18 593 р.

Electro Harmonix Superego Plus (Европа)

Building on the synthesis platform of the award-winning Superego, our new Superego+ raises the bar w..

16 728 р.

Electro Harmonix Tone Tattoo (Европа)

TONE TATTOO is our first fully-interactive, analog multi-effects pedal. Delivers crushing Lead & Rhy..

14 240 р.

Eventide H9 Core Harmonizer (Европа)

This is a trimmed version of the legendary H9 Harmonizer that includes pristine pitch and delay effe..

25 309 р.

Eventide H9 Harmonizer (Европа)

Eventide H9 harmonizer The H9 delivers Eventide's acclaimed sound and can run all of Eventide's stom..

30 408 р.

Eventide H9 MAX (Европа)

The award-winning H9 delivers Eventide's acclaimed sound and can run all of Eventide's stompbox effe..

40 358 р.

Eventide Pitch Factor (Европа)

Top recording studios worldwide use Eventide effects on hit after hit. PitchFactor includes Eventide..

31 030 р.

HeadRush Gigboard (Европа)

Featuring a finely-tuned quad-core processor and powered by exclusive Eleven® HD Expanded™ DSP softw..

37 249 р.