Delay, Echo


Boss DD-3 Digital Delay (Европа)

Pro-Quality Delay in a Compact PedalThis compact pedal provides a digital delay effect with outstand..

8 022 р.

Boss DD-500 Digital Delay (Европа)

Masterful Sound, Extraordinary Creative Power.Filled with newly developed BOSS technology, the DD-50..

21 703 р.

Boss DD-7 Digital Delay (Европа)

The Next Step in Compact DelayEven with the best-selling delays in compact-pedal history, BOSS conti..

8 892 р.

Boss DM-2w Delay Waza Craft Special Edition (Европа)

Now, the Legendary Analog Delay Is Back With a Modern EdgeEver since being discontinued way back in ..

11 131 р.

Boss RE-20 Space Echo (Европа)

The Rebirth of a Roland ClassicOne of the most beloved echo effects ever made, the Roland RE-201 Spa..

14 800 р.

Boss TE-2 Tera Echo (Европа)

Make Your Playing Soar with Majestic AmbiencePowered by Multi-Dimensional Processing technology (MDP..

9 887 р.

Duesenberg Red Echo II Analog Delay (Европа)

The Red Echo II is an extremely warm sounding delay pedal with up to 600 ms delay time. The dry unpr..

16 728 р.

Dunlop Echoplex Delay (Европа)

Description:The Echoplex® EP-3 tape echo unit is famous for its deliciously warm, organic modulation..

15 484 р.

EarthQuaker Devices Avalanche Run V2 (Европа)

Delay- and Reverb effects pedal for electric guitarFeatures:Stereo reverb / delayUp to 2 seconds del..

23 319 р.

EarthQuaker Devices Disaster Transport Sr. (Европа)

The Disaster Transport Sr. is an incredibly versatile dual delay with reverb and modulation. It can ..

24 812 р.

EarthQuaker Devices Ghost Echo V3 (Европа)

You hear that EVP, bud? It’s the all new, extra spook-tacular, Ghost Echo calling out from beyond th..

13 618 р.

EarthQuaker Devices Space Spiral (Европа)

The Space Spiral by Earthquakers lingers on tape delays and Vintage Oil Can. The sound is dreamy, da..

13 805 р.

EarthQuaker Devices Space Spiral V2 (Европа)

Modulated delay / effects pedalFeatures:Modulated delayDigital operationDark, dreamy, gritty delay s..

14 862 р.

Electro Harmonix Canyon (Европа)

Packed with more power than pedals taking up more real estate, the compact Canyon features a collect..

9 266 р.

Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy (Европа)

The Deluxe Memory Boy is the newest delay from the Memory Man family. Quality IC’s deliver warm and ..

11 753 р.

Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man (Европа)

Musicians love it and collectors cherish it. Nothing can compare to the organic sound of analog dela..

10 882 р.

Electro Harmonix Memory Boy (Европа)

What is it that makes a performance legend? Experience and design integrity make a legend. Since the..

7 524 р.

Electro Harmonix Memory Toy (Европа)

The Memory Toy presents a pure analog delay for musicians who covet thick sound from a thin wallet. ..

5 845 р.