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The smallest big sound ever... With the A3X, ADAM Audio present their smallest monitor to date, making it perfectly suited for all environments where space is limited but sound shouldn’t be constricted. The A3X combines a tiny footprint with the much acclaimed ADAM sound quality by usin..
18 900 ₽
ADAM Audio A5X The original A5 The small A5 managed to make itself a big name in both professional environments as well as in computer or desktop applications. A wealth of truly outstanding reviews and many awards helped to establish this speaker as one “of the best small monitors..
22 900 ₽
ADAMs A7 & A7X: the evolution of a legend The pкрасныйecessor to the A7X, the A7, became the most famous of all ADAM monitors in a very short time. Not only has it been reviewed over three dozen times with outstanding results, it has also received numerous awards. The A7 quickly gai..
31 900 ₽
The BT100 has all the important features and outstanding performance that people demand from a great turntable, such as a quiet belt-drive system, a straight low-mass tonearm and a high-quality moving magnet cartridge for precise tracking of the record. However, the BT100 has many new school ..
13 900 ₽
The Akai Professional BT500 belt-drive turntable is an exquisitely crafted, premium performance turntable that extracts every musical detail and subtle nuance from your beloved record collection. All the must-have features audiophiles demand for top-flight musical reproduction are here: a qui..
44 205 ₽
5-Piece Electronic Drum Kit with Mesh Heads The Alesis Crimson Mesh Kit is a 5-piece electronic drum kit featuring our exclusive Alesis Mesh drum heads (Patent Pending) that deliver the perfect feel and expression. It features an 8-inch kick drum, 12-inch dualzone snare, two 8-inch dual..
69 000 ₽
Instant Drums for the Aspiring Musician The Alesis DM Lite Kit with light-up LED pads will have any novice or accomplished drummer playing—and playing better—right away. All drum and cymbal pads are mounted to the pre-assembled, height-adjustable, 4-post rack, making set-up a snap. In a..
20 450 ₽
Professional stereo turntable with direct drive and USB port. It has three different speed modes that can be flexibly fixed or fine-tuned through pitch lock and pitch fader. Other features include: forward and reverse play capability, cast aluminum platter with slip mat and a start/stop butto..
21 900 ₽
The X-Air 12 is a digital mixer with 12 inputs for iPad and Android tablets. It features four programmable MIDAS preamps, 8 line inputs, a WiFi module and a USB stereo recorder. Behringer also included the rack ears and protective bumpers for added flexibility in your studio and stage applica..
20 900 ₽
The revolutionary digital 12-bus mixer X-Air XR 18 is produced for iPad and Android tablet and can be mounted on a rack. It offers 18 inputs, 16 award-winning programmable mic preamps, an integrated WiFi module and a multi-channel USB audio interface. The XR18 is housed in an extremely sturdy..
48 900 ₽
10 tones, integrated metronome and excellent digital effects: The CDP-130 provides the perfect introduction to the fascinating world of the keyboard. The improved loudspeaker system ensures an impressive piano sound, which can be made even more spectacular using the built-in Hall effect butto..
23 450 ₽
Характеристики: 10 AHL tones Integrated metronome Improved string tone Hall effect button (at the touch of a button, concert hall reverb can be applied to the sound of the keyboard) Improved loudspeaker system 88 weighted keys..
23 450 ₽
For anyone who wants bring their musical ideas to life, the WK-7500 multifunctional high-grade keyboard provides you with the platform to be creative and discover a wide range of musical styles. Pattern sequencer, rhythm editor, song sequencer, DSP effects, tone editor, 32-channel mixer, arpe..
28 990 ₽
Dynacord CMS 600-3 Thanks to its impressive feature set and versatility, the CMS 600-3 mixer is the ideal choice for all professional applications in which few channels, yet high audio quality, are requiкрасный. Being light and compact, it poses no transport problems. The CMS 600-3 mixe..
67 900 ₽
Характеристики: 2 In / 4 Out USB audio interface 96 kHz, 24-bit conversion Two Focusrite mic preamps Unybody красный-anodized aluminum housing ..
17 430 ₽