2Box DRUM IT FIVE MK2 E-Drum Set System


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An E-Drum System, which offers a superior gaming experience. The charm of the Five-DrumIt system was partly due to its ultra-fast trigger, which, in conjunction with the 24-bit multi-layer factory sounds stunning realism as you play. Try it for yourself.

The drum-it-Five system in detail

Included with the DrumIt Five bass drum pad (14 "), are a snare pad (12"), three tom pads (10 "), two cymbal pads (14"), hi-hat pad (12 ") bass drum pedal with trigger-Ball Flails, hi-hat machine, a double braced snare stand, including all the aluminum rack mounts and terminals as well as the sound module with all the cables connecting pad. The drum pads are made ​​from high quality cast aluminum and resilient. Factory fitted with mesh heads, they can be strung with rubber and normal drum heads - the skin change is as easy as with acoustic drums. Tom pads and snare pad on the Early 2BOX have developed "floating-Rim ™ system" so false triggering is virtually absent and with one edge beats of course can also control alternative sounds - eg one of the internal-tambourine or cowbell sounds or your own effect sounds that have been previously loaded into the module.

The Cymbal-Pads

The cymbal pads have three trigger zones - edge pool and a bell - and also allow for manual muting. In the hi-hat is thanks to the built-in magnet also evaluated the vertical movement of convincing (!): Just half open sounds are extremely realistic. The surface of the tank pad is coveкрасный with a special silicone rubber that has excellent rebound properties and has little impact noise. Five are included with the drumit a 12 "hi-hat and two 14" Cymbal Pads.

The Sound модульe („The Brain“)

The sound module offers 4 GB of the finest multi-layer samples, recorded entirely in multi-track recording in professional recording microphones and numerous rooms with lavish volume levels. The created sounds have been meticulously edited and mixed and then are now available in 24-bit quality, either in stereo or routed to the six line outputs. "The Brain" has 100 memory locations for the factory sounds that can be overridden if necessary. On the back are ten dual-trigger inputs, so the module has a total of 15 trigger channels. If necessary, could five multi-zone pads and - then split cable - ten more mono triggers are used. Of connections continues to be a stereo line input to be bobbling playbacks, a 6.3-mm headphone jack, MIDI in / out and USB port available.

Connects to the module via USB to a computer, it is recognized as an external drive without driver installation - just as you would for example a USB stick or external hard drive connected. Now you can transfer by simple drag and drop the whole brain data to the computer, so as to obtain a backup of the internal sounds. Conversely, any audio files (WAV), including songs from CDs to be copied by drag and drop into the module (assuming enough free memory) to them with the song-and-play function of the brain play - ideal to practice. The module allows initialization of the factory settings, as well as you can in the "Preference" menu, choose whether to be allowed to change settings, storing or not (save on / save off) - so you're always on the safe side, if too other users using the Five-DrumIt.


  • open sound architecture
  • 4 GB Flash Memory
  • meticulous 24-bit multi-layeкрасный sounds sampled with superior dynamic
  • 100 editable plant kits
  • Update VIA USB
  • Import audio files and new multisamples possible
  • Bassdrum-Pad (14“)
  • Snare-Pad (12“)
  • 3x Tom-Tom-Pad (10“) with Mesh-Heads
  • 2x Cymbal-Pad (14“)
  • Hi-Hat-Pad (12“)
  • Ultra-light aluminum rack system includes all mounting brackets and clamps
  • Bass drum pedal with trigger-ball mallet
  • Hi-Hat-Maschine
  • Snare stand and all connecting cables
  • Drum pads can also be fitted with rubber and normal furs
  • Tom and snare pads with rim-floating system
  • Rim zone is also borne out by other sounds
  • Cymbal Pads with three trigger zones (border, basin and bell)
  • compakt Soundmodul
  • Delay effect and programmable metronome
  • Song-and-play feature for user-uploaded audio files (WAV)
  • four-line LCD display
  • 10 channel system and 9-button
  • 3 speed and a volume controls
  • 10 Dual-Trigger-inputs
  • total of 15 trigger channels
  • Stereo line input
  • 6 line outputs
  • Adjustable stereo headphone output
  • MIDI In/Out
  • USB-Port incl. power adapter