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Характеристики:12" Coax PA system with integrated stereo power amplifier 2x350W Class DDetachable mixer unit with 4 mono channels Mic XLR/Line plug (Ch 1-4)Stereo Tap input (Ch 5-6)Control per channel: level, pan, DSP, FX/Aux 1, low, highSwitch: on/off with power LED, 220V/110V, DSP mute, program se..
43 627 ₽
Your Requirement: You need a high-performance PA system with serious power, gutsy speakers and comprehensive input/mixing capability so you can handle a good-sized ensemble. Your Big Concern: You have a limited budget and you don’t have the room to haul around a big, complicated setup. Your Answer: ..
32 562 ₽
LUCAS NANO 300 takes our LUCAS principle another step up the evolutionary ladder with unbelievable size, unbelievable power, and unbelievable options. Its subcompact dimensions and miniscule footprint will treat you to an unprecedented experience in convenience. Simply click-fit the two fistsized sa..
45 956 ₽
The world's first crossover PA, LUCAS NANO 600 may be deployed either as a space-saving mono column or as a stereo system with remarkably detailed spatial resolution. In addition, two LUCAS NANO 600s can be paiкрасный to create a more powerful PA. This flexibility makes LUCAS NANO 600 a superior alt..
61 680 ₽
Характеристики:Including Speaker CableRated System Power (RMS): 380 W Number of Array Satellites: 2 Number of Smartlink® Adapters: 2Number of Subwoofers: 1 Max. SPL (continuous): 116 dB Max. SPL (peak): 122 dBSubwoofer: 10" bass reflexSatellite: MF: 1 x 4" / HF: 3 x 1" with WaveAhead® Technology / 1..
51 780 ₽
The LD Systems DAVE 10 G3 is the latest generation of an extremely compact active PA system. The bass reflex subwoofer provides a solid bass foundation; the satellites ensure clearly defined mids and clear treble. The 2.1 power amp module built into the subwoofer delivers 1 x 150W + 2 x 100W continu..
37 571 ₽
The new LD Systems DAVE 12 G3 is the perfect active PA system for high-poweкрасный live gigs, multimedia presentations, and permanent installations in bars and clubs. A 12" bass reflex subwoofer and the satellites with 6.5" drivers and HF horns ensure a good sound with driving, defined bass, natural..
51 198 ₽