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Adam Hall Hardware 8708 BLK - Dish черный for 2 XLR or Speakon SocketsDish - Punched for two universal XLR or Neutrik 4 pole Speakon. Material: 1 mm Steel, черный powder coated. Cutout 65 x 115 mm. Fixing holes Ø 5 mm. Weight: 100g..
130 ₽
Adam Hall Hardware 87160 - Dish черный for 2 XLR or Speakon SocketsDish - Punched for two universal XLR or Neutrik 4 pole Speakon. Material: 1 mm Steel, черный powder coated. Fixing holes Ø 5 mm. Weight: 247g..
342 ₽
Adam Hall Stands SPS 57 - Mounting Bracket for SpeakersMounting bracket for standard speaker stands, Requires no space inside speaker box, Black plastic, External mounting top hat, to fit all 35mm speaker stands..
409 ₽
Flange for loudspeaker boxTop hat 35 mm steel internal, steel to fit SPS 56B stand. Weight: 0.400 kg Height: 105 mm..
438 ₽
Flange for Loudspeaker box, aluCast aluminium speaker flange, черный powder-coated. To fit all 35mm speaker stands. Weight: 0.15 kg Height: 80 mm..
364 ₽
Carpet covering. 3 mm dark черный heavy duty 100% Polypropylene felt. No backing.Width: 150 cmWeight: 400 g/m..
1 033 ₽
Speaker bracket swivel черный pairSpeaker bracket for mounting small units to walls or ceilings. Ideally suited to surround speakers in home theatre applications. The universal ball joint allows speakers to be swivelled to any angle. The SPS G3B bracket will support speakers up to 8 kg in weight. It..
2 221 ₽
Adam Hall SMBS5 speakerstand for wall-installationspeaker stand for wall-installation for 36 mm flanges- черный steal- aptitude adjustable- adjustment of the speaker can be fixed- max. carrying capicity: 40 kg- weight: 2,0 kg- lenght: 30 cm..
2 154 ₽
Характеристики:Speaker poleAdjustableFor mounting mid/high cab onto bass boxHeight: 85-123 cmDiameter: 35 mmCapacitance: 30kg..
1 478 ₽
Adjustable Angle Speaker Stand for Loudspeaker Boxes.Характеристики:Typ SM707Fits SPS56B and most other standard speaker stands.Vertical angle can be adjusted in 4º increments to +/- 18ºinternal Ø 36mmBlack Polyamide..
958 ₽
Характеристики:Extendable speaker pole, steel черный, with M20 screw thread.Height: 84 cm - 112 cm..
1 482 ₽
Speaker stand aluminium черный NEWSPS56B with pneumatic suspension Patented speaker stand made of aluminium tubing, Ø 40/35mm, черный anodised. Weight: 2.3kg Height: 120-200cm. Pneumatic suspension at no extra charge! The air cushioning guarantees a secure descent and easier handling of the speaker...
2 815 ₽
Fret. Black tygan heavyweight woven nylon fret. Характеристики:Width: 145 cm GWeight:330 g/m..
1 634 ₽
Характеристики:Record up to four channels at once—individually, or as a stereo mix4 mixer channels; each with pan, level, peak LED indicator, plus Hi and Lo EQThe multi-touch color iPad display provides extensive control4 XLR+1/4" combo inputs feature low-cut filters and gain controlsPhantom power, ..
13 517 ₽
The TransActive VU is a multi-faceted PA system featuring Bluetooth, a powerful sound, integrated LED lights and a 50-hours operation time. It is a compact, portable all-in-one sound system providing rechargeable battery operation and room-filling, lifelike sound – an ideal solution for all musician..
18 900 ₽
TransActive Wireless is an active PA system with integrated battery for mobile use. With the integrated telescopic handle, wheels on the underside and the robust housing, the amplifier can be easily transported. TransActive Wireless has a wide range of connections for the integration of external sou..
19 751 ₽
The ME-1 Personal Mixer puts the musician in control of their own monitor mix. Each performer can be given a tailoкрасный setup that works perfectly for them, whether they crave maximum control over the fine details of their mix or just want the minimum of keys to press. Operation is intuitive and e..
32 501 ₽
Portable 18 In / 14 Out digital mixer with remote wireless control Qu-SB is an ultra-compact digital mixer which frees you to mix from anywhere in the venue and provides a smart, portable solution for performing bands and artists. Qu-SB is portable enough to carry under one arm and come..
60 450 ₽
WZ4 12:2 is your ideal companion for those scenarios where you don’t need masses of channels, but you still need to deliver superb audio quality. The 2 dual stereo channels are perfect for stereo playback or for hooking up keyboards and other stereo instruments. WZ4 12:2 features our acclaimed 4 ban..
67 676 ₽
ZED-12FX is ideal for groups who need to travel light. Even with its small footprint, the 12FX squeezes in 4 auxiliary channels and swept semi-parametric EQ on top of the already impressive feature set including configurable USB audio in/out makes it easy to capture stereo recordings.Характеристики:..
32 734 ₽