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Профессиональный звук

Профессиональный звук
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The 400W/RMS SUB 05 D is an excellent choice for extending 10“ and 12” loudspeakers’ range. It packs the kind powerful low-end punch necessary for contemporary sounds and pumps out plenty of SPL for live applications. The unit connects easily and quickly courtesy of a built-in digital stereo crossov..
32 271 ₽
Equipped with a 400W/RMS digital power amp, the SUB 12 D is the perfect complement to 8“ or 10“ speaker systems for users looking to set up small but assertive satellite systems that deliver exceptional performance. Featuring compact dimensions and the innovative H.E.T housing, this unit is easy to ..
34 309 ₽
dB Technologies SUB 28 DWe engineeкрасный the SUB 28 D to provide low-end reinforcement for compact satellites such as dBTechnologies L and K Series speakers. This light and lean enclosure houses two 8“ woofers driven by a 400W digital power amp and an onboard digital stereo x-over. Setting up mono ..
37 221 ₽
Active 18" Bandpass-Subwoofer Характеристики:frequency Response: [-10 dB] 30 - 150 HzMax SPL: 130 dBperformance: 800WController: DSP 24 bit/ 48 kHzDimensions(H/W/D): 640 x 520 x 615 mmweight 34,8 kgInputs: 2x XLROutputs: 2x XLR Link Out/X-Over Out..
46 830 ₽
Характеристики:suitable for Cromo 8 Material: Nylon Color: BlackDimensions: 270x435x252mm..
3 194 ₽
Sturdy bag for the Flesxys F10 speaker.Характеристики:sturdy fabriccolour: черный..
3 194 ₽
Sturdy bag for the Flexsys F12 speaker.Характеристики:sturdy fabriccolour: черный..
3 640 ₽
Sturdy bag for the Flesxys F15 speaker.Характеристики:sturdy fabriccolour: черный..
3 640 ₽
Sturdy bag for the Flesxys F8 speaker. Характеристики:sturdy fabriccolour: черный..
3 120 ₽
Sturdy bag for the SUB15 H Subwoofer.Характеристики:sturdy fabriccolour: черный..
4 754 ₽