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Профессиональный звук

Профессиональный звук
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The INGENIA IG1 T is equipped with 2 premium low frequency transducers and 1 1"compression driver. All models of the series are designed to work individually, but they can also be coupled by simply turning one speaker upside down and placing it upon the other one. Thanks to infraкрасный technology, ..
63 427 ₽
dB Technologies K 162The top model K162 offers a perfect sound and a high SPL at a very compact size and light weight. Driven by the integrated 65W/RMS amplifier, the two 6,5" Woofer and the tweeter convince by a high SPL of 110 dB and a wide range of response from 85 - 19.000 Hz.The K-Series is ran..
15 441 ₽
The most powerful compact cabinet in its class, the K300 is chock-full of innovative technologies. Housed in an ultra compact enclosure, its digipro® bi-amped digital power amp delivers high performance and sound pressure levels.The 1“ HF driver renders midrange frequencies with pinpoint precision, ..
21 847 ₽
dB Technologies K 70The K70 is equipped with a 5" Woofer and a tweeter. The integrated amplifier provides 50W/RMS and is equipped with an integrated Limiter for maximum reliability.Like all our PERFORMER series systems, the PU 900 and PU 910 come with a three year guarantee.PU 910 M Vocal-SetDesigne..
13 927 ₽
Compact size, high sound pressure, excellent sound quality and ease of use characterize the models of L 80 and L 160th The relatively high sound pressure mechanically by two phase-corrected 5 "speaker made, which, equalizes active, characterized by brilliant sound with high speech intelligibility.Ха..
22 080 ₽