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One convenient box to connect all of your music gear to your computer.The EIE is all about plug and play convenience. With the EIE tabletop USB audio interface from Akai Professional, you can connect virtually any musical instrument or piece of production gear to your computer. With three convenient..
15 450 ₽
Professional Audio/MIDI Interface with USB 2.0 Hub The EIE Pro is a tabletop USB 2.0 audio interface perfectly tailoкрасный for your project and portable studio setups. This four-in, four-out (4x4) device features low latency ASIO drivers and enables you to record up to 24-bit resolution and sample ..
16 450 ₽
The Nanoface is a portable 12-channel USB 2.0 desktop audio interface for Mac & PC in pocket format. Apart from the two stereo analog inputs and outputs with two microphone preamps, the Nanoface a separate stereo output for headphones, an instrument input for guitar and bass guitar, an SPDIF int..
13 948 ₽
Element 24 is perfect for the independent musician recording with 1 or 2 inputs at a time who wants the best possible sound quality, lowest latency and high quality performance.Характеристики:10 IN x 12 OUT Thunderbolt Audio I/O box AD/DA conversion for recording up to 192kHz/24-bit 2 analog inputs ..
43 543 ₽
Element 46 is great for any collaborating musician recording at home, on the go or in a small project studio. With 4 analog inputs (including 4 world-class mic preamps), 2 headphone outputs and stereo speaker outputs, Element 46 is the perfect upgrade from an entry level audio interface.Характеристи..
64 945 ₽
Element 88 offers the best sound quality of any 8 IN x 8 OUT audio interface under $1,500. Ideal for the producer, engineer or musician, Element 88 gives you all the I/O you need to record drums or a full band.Характеристики:6 IN x 16 OUT Audio I/O box AD/DA conversion for recording up to 192kHz/24-..
104 690 ₽
Play with the 8 different distortion circuits and add analog filters and EQ. Analog Heat brings your existing equipment to new life and gives you completely new possibilities. One of the most interesting features: Analog Heat is a 2 I / O audio interface, perfect for mobile musicians and HQ audio ..
45 439 ₽