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DJTechTools Midi Fighter 3DThe Midi Fighter 3D combines 16 customizable RGB illuminated arcade buttons with high resolution motion sensors that produce mind-blowing control across each axis of movement. With four banks, six shift buttons and five unique motion controls, the possibilities with the 3D..
20 919 ₽
The Midi Fighter Twister ist the little brother of the popular Midi Fighter 3D wich enjoy cult status under DJ´s, drummers and performers.For maximum control over all MIDI controllable parameters, the robust controller has 16 high-quality, high-resolution push encoders including optical feedback bec..
20 919 ₽
Play with the 8 different distortion circuits and add analog filters and EQ. Analog Heat brings your existing equipment to new life and gives you completely new possibilities. One of the most interesting features: Analog Heat is a 2 I / O audio interface, perfect for mobile musicians and HQ audio ..
45 439 ₽
ENGL Z9 FußschalterCustom made to switch amps in S.A.C. mode(Serial Amp Control), like E 670, E 570 and theE 365, to switch all the channels and features at a glance, and second a easy to handle small Midi footswitch that has 10 presets, (5 presets each in Bank A and B). Phantom poweкрасный via Midi..
16 027 ₽
Dr. DAC prime everything you need for recording and playback of digital music in the best possible audio quality, whether at home or on the go.Dr. DAC prime works with up to 24-bit/192kHz and is not only equipped with an optical (via the included mini-Toslink adapter plug) and coaxial S / PDIF input..
24 588 ₽
In GIGAPORT HD + is not just any USB audio interface ... rather it is the solution for the multi-channel playback at the best price on the market. It provides 8 independent outputs (with full-fledged 7.1 surround sound support), 2 independent headphone outputs and excellent audio quality with suppor..
14 193 ₽
EVE Audio SC 204The SC204 has a 4 "SilverCone chassis with stable honeycomb structure, with a 1" operates voice coil. This, in conjunction of the whole system for a large linear displacement of the glass-fiber-reinforced membrane. Measuкрасный against the size of the speaker with this chassis design..
18 667 ₽
Second in line in our studio monitors is the SC205. Like the name implies, it's a SilverCone two-way system with a 5" woofer. But don't let your eyes deceive you. The SC205 might seem like a small speaker, but it definitely packs a punch. With an extended bass frequency response and an astounding ou..
25 073 ₽
EVE Audio SC 207The SC207 can handle because of their size a wide spectrum in terms of low frequencies. The rugged, fiberglass-coated 6.5 "SilverCone chassis with stable honeycomb structure of a 1.5" voice coil driven. Thus, low frequencies from 44 Hz vivid and dynamic.In all EVE audio studio monito..
30 897 ₽