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Характеристики:Real wood baffle; optimized internal bracing Inline mid- & high-frequency drivers offer superior imaging 8" woven Kevlar low-frequency driver 5" woven Kevlar mid-frequency driver 1" silk dome tweeter with integrated waveguide Tri-amp Class A/B power, 220 Watts total XLR and 1/4" b..
19 940 ₽
Designed for premium sound that won't break the bank, CR Multimedia Monitors deliver the performance you expect from a Mackie studio monitor in designs ideal for home studios, multimedia creation, AV post-production and broadcast. Plus, with user-friendly front panel features and two models featurin..
12 075 ₽
The Mackie CR5 BT are practical and very flexible active Bluetooth near-field monitors. Due to their compact dimensions and their equipment, they feel comfortable at every workplace. 5 "woofer and 0.75" tweeter allow a frequency response of 60 Hz to 20 kHz at a power of 50 watts. The Mackie CR5 BT i..
15 740 ₽