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The CASIO Privia PX-5S is equipped with the new AiR sound production for acoustic piano sounds of a realistic richness of detail. The sound spectrum goes from authentic vintage sounds of classic e-pianos to concert hall grand pianos. In combination with its powerful new effect module the PX-5S can b..
58 900 ₽
Характеристики:Stand for Casio CDP-220R and Casio CDP-120 Compact DigitalpianosColor: черный..
3 169 ₽
For anyone who wants bring their musical ideas to life, the WK-7500 multifunctional high-grade keyboard provides you with the platform to be creative and discover a wide range of musical styles. Pattern sequencer, rhythm editor, song sequencer, DSP effects, tone editor, 32-channel mixer, arpe..
28 990 ₽
Doepfer d3m Organ Master Keyboard d3m is a modular organ masterkeyboard system and is intended as a control unit for organ emulations of Native Instruments B4. The system has two modules available: the keyboard unit d3m and the control unit d3c (running out). A bass pedal d3b is in preparati..
32 900 ₽