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The BT100 has all the important features and outstanding performance that people demand from a great turntable, such as a quiet belt-drive system, a straight low-mass tonearm and a high-quality moving magnet cartridge for precise tracking of the record. However, the BT100 has many new school ..
13 900 ₽
The Akai Professional BT500 belt-drive turntable is an exquisitely crafted, premium performance turntable that extracts every musical detail and subtle nuance from your beloved record collection. All the must-have features audiophiles demand for top-flight musical reproduction are here: a quiet belt..
24 900 ₽
The AT LP1240USB developed an exceptional music reproduction in the most demanding conditions to deliver. The turntable is poweкрасный by a direct drive 16-pin, three-phase motor, which ensures a high stability. Furthermore, the motor of the turntable enables a so-called back-cueing, forward and rev..
32 900 ₽
Professional stereo turntable with direct drive and USB port. It has three different speed modes that can be flexibly fixed or fine-tuned through pitch lock and pitch fader. Other features include: forward and reverse play capability, cast aluminum platter with slip mat and a start/stop butto..
21 900 ₽
The Gemini TT-1100USB is a belt drive turntable with USB connectivity. Built on a robust ABS base and enclosure with heavy, adjustable rubber feet, the TT-1100USB effectively eliminates external vibration feedback. It has an aluminum platter and a precision aluminum tone arm for road ready durabilit..
14 804 ₽
For the first time it is possible to be completely independent of a socket and a system for scratching. The innovative Scratch switch of the PT01 Scratch can be adjusted and is equally suitable for left-handed as well as right-handed. A special non-slip needle system provides clear and sharp sound u..
12 970 ₽
Numark TT USB THE EASIEST WAY TO DIGITIZE YOUR VINYL.The TTUSB is a unique plug–and–play USB compatible turntable that makes digitizing your vinyl record collection to your PC or Mac a snap. Packaged with all the necessary cables to connect with a computer or stereo playback system, along with soft..
14 193 ₽
The Numark TT250USB is a professional direct-drive turntable perfectly suited to heavy-duty DJ and music playback duties. Its quartz-controlled direct-drive motor delivers virtually perfect speed accuracy when playing back records, and its high torque motor provides the ideal amount of resistance an..
22 142 ₽
Since the CD and now also the digital audio formats are on the market, the good old records and their players have a really heavy stand.But also turntables can be eqipped with modern technology. Best example is our DD-2520 wich can be connected directly to a computer.On this way you can simple and c..
17 861 ₽