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DJ Оборудование
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CDN77USB is a Dual USB and MP3 CD player designed for professional DJs. USB drive support allows you to put your entire digital music library on a USB flash or hard drive and use it at a gig. if you’re a DJ transitioning to using MP3 files, CDN77USB is ideal for you because it allows you to still us..
28 256 ₽
M101 is a highly adaptable two-channel mixer for DJs. M101 lets mobile DJs get up and running quickly regardless of what gear you bring to the gig. Whether for weddings, parties, clubs and everything in-between, the M101 is a perfect mixer for beginners and seasoned DJs alike who want a durable two-..
9 912 ₽
M2 is a two-channel DJ scratch mixer with all the essentials to hit the stage in your personal style. Switchable phono/line inputs for turntables, CD players, and other line sources make M2 a superb choice for any DJ setting from weddings to clubs, parties to practice setups.A mic input with dedicat..
10 524 ₽
M4 is a three-channel tabletop mixer designed for any DJ who needs maximum flexibility. It features a replaceable crossfader with reverse and slope controls, a 1/4” microphone input with EQ, and plenty of routing for phono and line level devices.Where M4 really shines is its impressive input section..
11 502 ₽
The M6 by Numark is a flexible DJ mixer for connecting with a laptop, record or CD player. It offers all necessary features for an individual performance including three-band EQ and LED metering per channel. M6 has a replaceable crossfader with slope control, and you can assign any channel to either..
15 416 ₽
From Numark the world’s leading innovator of DJ equipment and technologies, comes the incкрасныйible Mixtrack 3 DJ controller, designed with the skilled, professionally-aspiring DJ in mind. It’s the latest addition to the Numark family of industry-leading DJ solutions. This controller offers a whole..
14 804 ₽
The Mixtrack 3 Pro by Numark is a low-cost controller for virtual DJs that is equipped with many important pro-features. It’s the latest addition to the Numark family of industry-leading DJ solutions. Dive into our 16 multi-function backlit performance pads and add loops, launch samples, and control..
17 861 ₽
The best of both worlds. Let’s face it. Just about everyone has CDs. Whether you gig with a CD library or someone brings you a CD to play, it helps to be able to play them. If you’re ready to transition to performing with MP3 files or even if you already do, the MP103USB USB and MP3 CD player lets y..
18 473 ₽
Media player, DJ software controller and USB audio interfaceWith the NDX500 Numark presents a USB/CD media player that also can be used as software controller. Combining comprehensive standalone functionality with deep hardware and software integration, NDX500 is capable of playing and mixing music ..
20 919 ₽
Характеристики:Dual USB ports for DJ handoffs2-inch color LCD display integrated into each jog wheelDigital mixer with (2) phono/line inputs that can be mixed directly without softwareComes with Serato DJ (full version)Touch-capacitive knobs6-inch multi-function jog wheel with smart learning capacit..
52 715 ₽
Характеристики:4-decks of Serato DJ software control in a sleek, low-profile designIntegrated displays let you focus on the music, not the computerFull-color displays provide 1:1 real-time visualization of Serato DJDedicated hardware controls for all critical software functionsGridlines on screen en..
46 601 ₽
Control the AtmosphereOrbit packs a massive amount of MIDI control into a compact and intuitive design that fits comfortably in your hands. Every inch, inside and out, is tailor-made for live DJ performance and powerful wireless control—Orbit is 100% MIDI-customizable, able to go as far as your imag..
16 027 ₽
Numark Party Mix, the DJ controller for beginners with professional features. Two Scratch Wheels with their own slider on an original case provide a real DJ experience. With the included software DJs can seamlessly integrate their iTunes collection . An additional setup is not necessary - simply plu..
9 912 ₽
For the first time it is possible to be completely independent of a socket and a system for scratching. The innovative Scratch switch of the PT01 Scratch can be adjusted and is equally suitable for left-handed as well as right-handed. A special non-slip needle system provides clear and sharp sound u..
12 970 ₽
Numark TT USB THE EASIEST WAY TO DIGITIZE YOUR VINYL.The TTUSB is a unique plug–and–play USB compatible turntable that makes digitizing your vinyl record collection to your PC or Mac a snap. Packaged with all the necessary cables to connect with a computer or stereo playback system, along with soft..
14 193 ₽
The Numark TT250USB is a professional direct-drive turntable perfectly suited to heavy-duty DJ and music playback duties. Its quartz-controlled direct-drive motor delivers virtually perfect speed accuracy when playing back records, and its high torque motor provides the ideal amount of resistance an..
22 142 ₽