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DJ Оборудование

DJ Оборудование
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The SQ-1 is a compact step sequencer with 2x8 steps. Thanks to its numerous ports it cannot only be connected with the MS-20, but numerous other synthesizers. In this way it is possible to control with one single device both vintage analog synths and modern compact synths. Different synthesizer mode..
10 100 ₽
Even today, more than thirty years after the age dominated by analog synthesizers, we just can't let go of the sound of analog rhythm machines. Those thick sounds have the power to stand up to guitar and acoustic drums, and are still indispensable for track-making or live performance.The volca beats..
13 517 ₽
2 x Microphone inputs with individual volume controlsDigital echo with volume controlSD card reader supporting MMC, MS and SD cards and SDHCUSB 2.0 supports USB flash drives and external hard drivesCopy function copies music files to USB or SD cardintegrated Audio-EQDisc Formats: CD, CD+G, VCD, DVD,..
16 027 ₽
The madboy MFP-1500 is a Multi-format karaoke player with recording and scoring function. It can play discs in different formats, as well as content from USB or SD.Характеристики:HDMI Karaokeplayer can be operated with optical data storage and with USB / SD devices Possibility of recording during th..
20 307 ₽
The PMD-326C is a high-performance professional CD player with USB and 3.5mm AUX inputs designed for the commercial installation market. The PMD-326C has features normally found on higher-priced players, such as Front Panel Lock, Power On Play, direct access to tracks, memory of settings after loss ..
16 027 ₽